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Canon actually makes two straps that are really designed for this size camera and purpose. They also have ones that are designed more for DSLR cameras, but provide more substantial size and thus may be more comfortable to you. The Canon Leather Neck Strap for the PowerShot S95 is actually designed for the S90 series cameras. This will work perfectly for ...


I have used both the Flipbac Grip 2 and the RF grip (on my previous S90). The RF grip is nice but the Flipbac Grip is no compromise. I feel it is much better value for money. It fit my S95 perfectly. On a recent weekend trip with my wife it was invaluable. Easy one hand holding. It feels good and looks good. I don't own my camera long enough to justify the ...


Your first question should be How do you prevent blown out skies without underexposing other parts of the image? because you can always expose for the sky. It turns out the answer is the same for a compact or a DSLR because all cameras have a limited dynamic range. Yes, modern DSLRs have more dynamic range than your S90 but that only moves the point at ...


Nope. This is usually the case since stores do not reprice old cameras often enough. I've seen examples of far more ridiculous pricing. Eventually when they realize the S90 is not selling, they will reduce the price. If they paid already more than it's worth, a store can probably get a manufacturer rebate to help sell stock without a loss. Different stores ...


It's been a couple years since I've regularly used a P&S camera, but at the time I didn't use any sort of case for it. My philosophy at the time was that every hurdle between thinking about taking a picture and actually taking it meant more of a chance that I wouldn't take the picture: for me, having a case would mean I'd take fewer pictures. When I ...


It depends on what else you have in your bag (keys etc), but considering cases are relatively cheap for point and shoot cameras, you might as well get one just in case. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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