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You can in fact get additional lenses for the Canon G7. More precisely they are called "converters". The "gotcha" is that they only sit on top of your existing fixed lens that is built into the G7. The Canon WC-DC58B is one option that will convert all focal lengths to .75 of the original focal length. Another option is the Canon TC-DC58C Teleconverter ...


Canon S90 and G11 share the same sensor, but each have different lens and that determines the macro parameters


You are right that a new lens can improve image quality considerably. Unfortunately, the G7 is a fixed-lens camera and therefore you cannot get a new lens for it. Sadly I have seen vendors say the contrary to make people buy it but it is a lie.


If you wait until after the launch of the G12, you may well be able to pick up a G11 at a reduced price as shops try to get rid of "old" stock. (Personally, I have my sights (and budget) set on a reconditionned G9).


According to this, it will be announced 2010-08-19: London, UK 19th August 2010: Canon today announces the launch of the feature packed PowerShot G12 As this information will be useless in only two weeks, and information about specific camera models is available elsewhere, I'll try to add some more general thoughts: If there ...


Reset All In the end I went into the settings menu and selected "Reset All". This has fixed it - image review is now back. I still have no idea what it was that I changed to make it go away! So any more information still much appreciated.


"Improving the quality of photos" is a difficult goal without knowing what you think is wrong with your shots. However, you can get a lens adapter, from LensMate, for instance. Or, you can use CHDK and get more control over your firmware. Maybe you feel like your photos can be improved by adding things like timelapse shots?


I don't know when the G12 is coming out, but they usually come out around Photokina time, in one month. I'd wait for the G12 really. As far as a 'pro' quality compact, there isn't one really. Pros use compacts as a companion camera, but there is no competition whatsoever between a compact and a dslr. I wouldn't even start trying to compare them, they serve ...

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