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In theory the camera manufacturer can make the processing exactly the same or completely different since they have full control over what goes into the camera and the raw processor. It's both "common knowledge" and "common sense" that the in-camera an stand alone raw convertor from the same company will produce the same results, except for the converter ...


In theory it should be possible to make RAW-conversion, using the brand's own conversion tool, exactly match the in-camera JPEG. In real life you can get very close but not excactly the same. RAW-conversion software may be of different update version, or in-camera conversion process is using such gimmicks that you can't reproduce by yourself even if the ...


If you save your JPEG files at high quality settings and in the same resolution as the RAW files, you should not notice any additional blurring when converting and saving them. After all, what you are viewing on your screen when you are working with RAW files is an 8-bit conversion of the RAW file that is very similar to a JPEG. It sounds like your Image ...


i also encountered this problem before, and later i found the softwares confliction or mis-configured cause the issue....i found this issue after i uninstall the ACDSee pro (ACDSee is a good software, the problem is my Windows OS and lots of softwares...) But if you change photo size(shrink) when you use DPP as editing your photo, please follow these steps: ...

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