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For landscapes, you probably don't want a telephoto. The 18-55 isn't necessarily the best lens out there for what you want to do, but of the three you have listed, it is the only one that is not a lens going from telephoto all the way in to super telephoto territory and thus probably the only one of the 3 that would really be ideal for landscape. It is the ...


From an image quality standpoint the 6D has a fairly significant advantage over any of Canon's current APS-C offerings. Since the 7D Mark II has been announced but not yet released and hasn't been in the hands of most reputable reviewers/independent testers yet, it is hard to judge the image quality. Suffice it to say it would need a totally revolutionary ...


The EOS 6D and the EOS 7d Mark II are very different cameras in so many ways making them hard to compare. The EOS 6D is the least expensive full frame DSLR from Canon and the 7D Mark II is their most expensive APS-C. You say you are into landscape and astrophotography and in my world buying a 7D Mark II over a 6D for that is crazy. The 7D Mark Ii is made ...


I also has problem with "battery communicate". As some user in internet I doesn't find one screw on bottom of body. After a while I found it near the motor. He was dragged a magnet and short T-line on the battery housing. This photos of another user with some problem about screws (he miss 2 screws): Short circuit by screw!!! SOLVED: Canon 7D “will ...

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