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Several things could be going on. Based on the question as originally written you might have been experiencing buffer congestion. When the buffer is full the camera must wait until enough space has been sufficiently cleared from the buffer as the data is written to the memory card before it can take the next frame. Under such conditions, the "double tap" ...


From an image quality standpoint the 6D has a fairly significant advantage over any of Canon's current APS-C offerings. Since the 7D Mark II has been announced but not yet released and hasn't been in the hands of most reputable reviewers/independent testers yet, it is hard to judge the image quality. Suffice it to say it would need a totally revolutionary ...


The EOS 6D and the EOS 7d Mark II are very different cameras in so many ways making them hard to compare. The EOS 6D is the least expensive full frame DSLR from Canon and the 7D Mark II is their most expensive APS-C. You say you are into landscape and astrophotography and in my world buying a 7D Mark II over a 6D for that is crazy. The 7D Mark Ii is made ...


The support for the Canon 7D's RAW files was incorporated in Camera Raw 5.6 and the latest version of Camera Raw supported by Photoshop CS2 is 3.7 so there are no support for the .cr2 files created by the 7D in CS2. Unfortunately there is no way of opening these files in such an old version of Photoshop (unless there's a strange hack that I don't know of) ...


7D owners, I hope this fixes your problem, don't waste your time resetting the camera, wiping battery contacts, putting it in the freezer, etc. I didn't mention in posts on other forums, I've been an instrument technician for more than 40 years and don't have a problem going into the camera and making the repairs, I've done so on other Canon cameras and ...


Short Answer: Yes. All EF and EF-S lenes are compatible with your 7D. You should not have any autofocus problems if camera and lens work well. Otherwise you should check the lens on an other eos (if you can) respectively the camera with other lenses.


If your camera is exhibiting behavior other than what you should expect it to do under certain conditions and selected settings then your 7D needs to take a trip to the nearest Canon service center.


If this issue is progressively getting worse as you have stated, there is a good chance the autofocus sensor is in need of cleaning. If changing to a different focus zone provides better focus lock then this would tend to confirm a spec or two on the sensor. A general haze can develop on the focus sensor from condensation and/or airborne pollutants. As a ...

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