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No. P, Tv, Av, M, Bulb and (in our discussion) the Custom modes (C1, C2, C3 etc.) have all different/independent values for Av and Tv stored in separate memory locations in camera's NVRAM for the user-definable (constant) part of the said program (none for P, Time for Tv, Aperture for Av, both for M etc.).


Several things could be going on. Based on the question as originally written you might have been experiencing buffer congestion. When the buffer is full the camera must wait until enough space has been sufficiently cleared from the buffer as the data is written to the memory card before it can take the next frame. Under such conditions, the "double tap" ...


5472 × 3648 pixels at quality=81 One of the ways to check: exiftool -b -previewimage -w jpg canonraw.cr2 This will extract the preview from canonraw.cr2 file and write it next to the canonraw.cr2 file as canonraw.jpg. Next, run imagemagick/identify over the canonraw.jpg like this: identify -verbose canonraw.jpg | grep 'Quality\|Geometry' exiftool: ...


Hoping I haven't misunderstood your question, it is as simple as this: Turn Dial on top left of Camera to “M” Press the “Q” button on the back of the camera Set ISO to auto Alternatively Turn Dial on top left of Camera to "M" Press the ISO Button on top of Camera and turn the top dial to the left until you reach "A" now you are free to set the ...


7D owners, I hope this fixes your problem, don't waste your time resetting the camera, wiping battery contacts, putting it in the freezer, etc. I didn't mention in posts on other forums, I've been an instrument technician for more than 40 years and don't have a problem going into the camera and making the repairs, I've done so on other Canon cameras and ...


Aside from the wireless P-TTL "smart" optical triggering with Pentax gear, the AF 360 FGZ has a "dumb" optical slave mode (Slave 2) built-in that works with any simple flash burst (read: will work with any brand camera gear). Set the 7D's pop-up flash into M mode (to avoid sending out an eTTL pre-flash), and it should trigger the AF 360 to fire in sync. You ...


Short Answer: Yes. All EF and EF-S lenes are compatible with your 7D. You should not have any autofocus problems if camera and lens work well. Otherwise you should check the lens on an other eos (if you can) respectively the camera with other lenses.


If your camera is exhibiting behavior other than what you should expect it to do under certain conditions and selected settings then your 7D needs to take a trip to the nearest Canon service center.


If this issue is progressively getting worse as you have stated, there is a good chance the autofocus sensor is in need of cleaning. If changing to a different focus zone provides better focus lock then this would tend to confirm a spec or two on the sensor. A general haze can develop on the focus sensor from condensation and/or airborne pollutants. As a ...

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