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... can I use the old lenses with this new model? Yes. The 7DMkII is a "crop" body, so it can use both EF and EF-S lenses. It's only if you move to a full-frame body like the 5D/6D bodies that you can no longer use EF-S lenses. And if so, how much quality would I be losing by doing so? Since both of those are considered to be entry-level kit ...


They'll fit and work on the 7D Mark II but... It is almost a waste of money to spend it on the 7D Mark II if these two lenses are all you'll ever use on it. You would see a much better improvement in your images, especially of sports, by spending the same money on a good lens or two and using them with your current body. For about the current going rate ...


Yes, your old lenses will work, but just as your camera is now outdated, so are your lenses. For many years now digital camera technology constantly improved with each passing year. Lens technology did not change much from year to year. That has recently changed though and there have been some big advancements in lens technology over the last few years. ...

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