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Napioa - Wind Origins
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I went to a camera store today and looked through the viewfinder of their floor model using my same 180 mm f/3.5 lens. I was able to see the same little donuts at the center of the defocused highlights. Also, I have posted my question in the dpreview forum, and one person affirmed seeing the same thing. Although it constitutes a pretty small sample size, ...


The "donut" bokeh you are seeing in the viewfinder is probably related to the way the reflex mirror is made in modern DSLRs. The center of the mirror is not as reflective as the outer edges are. This is to allow some of the light in the middle to pass through the primary mirror and bounce off the secondary mirror into the Phase Detection Auto Focus array ...


There are three things you should inspect, mirror focus screen and viewfinder. Check this link, to clean your DSLR You view is blurry because you need to Calibrat the Diopter on Your Camera While doing this, start to adjust your viewfinder. As you dial in the + or -, you'll start to see the focusing points become either blurry or sharper. - When you ...

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