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The EOS 6D has a shutter rating of 100,000 actuations. This means that Canon expects half of the 6Ds sold to have shutters that last longer than 100,000 cycles and the other half to last less than 100,000 cycles. As with any MTBF estimate, there is a Bell curve involved and most samples will land fairly close on either side of the center while a few outliers ...


My simple rule of thumb is to consider the click count on a camera the same way you consider mileage on a car. Judge that against the age of the camera, and assume usage is around 10k clicks/year. So, you can think of the 6D you're looking at the camera equivalent of a four-year old car with 14,000 miles on it. I.e., a relatively lightly-used camera. But, ...


The cheapest contemporary DSLRs are rated for roughly 50k actuations. 6D's shutter is said to be good by Canon for 100k actuations. Shutter may as well fail before that number, the rating is not a guaranteed number of actuations. 14000 is way smaller than the shutter mileage variation. You should not buy the expensive technology without having spare money ...

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