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Rent the 6D. Do your night shooting with the 500D and the 6D. Compare the results. This will give you an idea if the 6D is what you are looking for. A hypothetical 6D2 doesn't take any pictures right now. It will probably take better pictures than the 6D1 though, but so will the 6D3, 6D4 and 6D12. Only a direct comparison will tell you if buying a 6D is ...


There were rumors last year about a hypothetical 6DmkII due to the 6D being labelled as discontinued -- which turns out was not so true. Nothing confirmed AFAIK. What I would do is try to defer the decision until when you feel you absolutely need a new camera (old one dies out, imminent trip/wedding/shooting opportunity requiring a better body, etc.) Not ...


Just solved the issue by chance - I used exfatlabel to name my card and voilá it was auto-detected and works fine under Linux and in my 6d:)

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