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Canon 6D was added to Camera Raw 7.3, which requires CS6. I think your only options are to use the DNG converter, upgrade Photoshop, or switch to another tool like Lightroom.


In Canon 6D you can set up AF micro adjustments for lenses you have. That may improve sharpness a bit. There is also ISO 50 mode that is turned of by default.


I believe that the "obvious" change here should not be underestimated. After my recent switch from APS-C (Canon) to full frame (Nikon) even with the brand change and the different user interface my biggest challenge are implications of DOF and the fact that because of that the focusing needs to be much more exact.


For exposures longer than 1 second, you can enable Long Exposure Noise Reduction (LENR). This is Canon's nomenclature for in-camera dark frame subtraction. When you take a photo the camera will expose the image normally and then use the same settings to create a dark frame with the shutter left closed. The readings for each pixel in the dark frame will be ...


My 3c of personal experience.... I had a 5Dii. Found DPP slow, but also I was moving all my workflow and computing over to Linux. Darktable, Rawstudio - some excellent software alternatives in the Linux world. Then the 5Dii shutter died .. at under 8,900 clicks. Quote for repair was equal or more than a used one on auction sites. sigh Went out and bought ...


is the camera shake introduced by the slapping shutter in Canon's default firmware enough to notice or worry about All AEB does is to set up a sequence of 3 shots with different exposures. Camera shake between exposures won't affect your images. Camera shake during a single exposure could obviously be a problem, but it's no different than when you're ...

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