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The YN-560-TX can only remotely control the power on Yongnuo's flashes that have a special radio receiver built into them: the YN-560 III, YN-560 IV, and upcoming YN-660. For all other flashes and with the RF-602 and RF-603/603II triggers, there is no remote power/zoom control, only firing the flash in sync. The RF-605 triggers add group control, but ...


I have discovered that the 60D is not, in fact, weather sealed. At one point I started seeing dust and a small eyelash-like hair inside my viewfinder. I could not get it off even after intense blowing at the mirror. The only incident I had before that was being splashed by a rough sea in a boat in the Philippines. So I found that this needed work on the ...


If pulling the cord of the RS60-E3 out of the camera jack solves the problem then the problem is not in the camera, it is with the RS60-E3. What happens if you immediately plug the cord back in? Does the shutter open back up for another exposure? It sounds like the shutter button is just getting stuck and takes a while to fully release. If you only recently ...

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