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You can simulate multiple exposures in post-processing. The custom setting you found is not for taking brackets of shots, it's simply for setting whether you want 1/2 stops or 1/3 stops as the units for partial-stop settings on the camera. And yes, the 600D can perform autobracketing. You cannot, however, change the number of shots you can get in a set ...


In addition to Philip Kendall's answer, the document you've found advising that the Canon 600D can't take multiple exposures, is referring to the ability to shoot more than one exposure and combine them in camera to produce a single image. For info on that technique see this question How can multiple exposure be achieved with a digital camera? and ...


Yes, it can - the option you're after is "auto exposure bracketing" (AEB), which can most easily be configured from the quick menu - select the meter (the -3 to +3 scale), press "SET", then turn the control wheel. At this point, the little indicator marker should split into three, which will mean that the next three shots the camera takes will have normal ...


No; just changing metering mode will not affect focus on any camera that I'm aware of. If the metering resulted in different aperture or shutter speed, those might have an effect, but everything came out the same regardless of mode, right? (You don't mention shutter speed; I assume that none of them have a significant difference there.) Therefore, as ...

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