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For about $30, you can pick up a pair of Yongnuo YN-603C flash triggers that just happen to also function as remote shutter releases. They're cheap, they work great, and they do double duty in my bag. What's not to love? Just make sure you order the shutter release cord that matches your camera - all Canon's don't use the same plug for this.


Does your mobile phone have an IR sender, or supports USB OTG? If so, you can simply download cheap or even free apps to remote control your camera.


Has the diopter adjustment dial on the back of the viewfinder been moved? If everything was clear to your eyes before moving it will make everything in the viewfinder blurry to your eyes. To adjust it simply look through the viewfinder and turn it until everything in the viewfinder display (focus points, exposure information, etc.) is sharp. You may have ...


Plugging your Canon T3i/600D into a laptop or other computer via USB cable will not charge the battery. The batteries for your camera can only be recharged by using a proper battery charger and the camera does not have one built in. You can use an external power supply to power the camera without plugging it into the laptop. There are many others besides ...


AFAIK you could use an external DC power supply – so your camera could operate without any battery virtually over days or even weeks. And then you can of course also connect the camera to your laptop through USB to download the images and/or trigger the time lapse or the like. Here's video with detauls on how to use the DC power supply at youtube: "How to ...


The focal length difference is not too significant, although you might have a personal preference for one or the other. Both lenses weigh about the same and are equally good optically. The STM Lens is more solidly constructed has a stepper motor that works better with Video is slimmer, so makes a small DSLR potentially pocketable The 50mm f/1.8 is ...

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