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Sounds like either your in-camera white balance might be off, or the display needs to be calibrated. The way I like to test this is to first check the camera by comparing a current image on the camera display with the monitor display (both displays in similar lighting). Display calibration is a constant problem if you're viewing/ editing in different ...


If you're shooting JPEG, the most common reason to have mostly-blue images all the time is if your camera is set in Tungsten white balance mode while you're not shooting under Tungsten lighting. The camera is trying to compensate for warm orange light by shifting the image more towards blue. So, check your white balance setting first. Shooting RAW would ...


It seems like you have mirror lockup enabled. The first full press of the shutter button will cause the mirror to move up (just as it does before taking a normal photo using the viewfinder) but the shutter will not be opened. A second full press of the shutter button will activate the shutter to take the photo. If the shutter is not pressed again for 30 ...


Canon has not provided a way to change the "Number of possible shots' to any other measurement. This is of course the equivalent to the number of frames remaining from a roll of film. In that context, the number of shots was not something the camera could calculate, since it didn't know the length of film (24, 36, etc) in the roll. Today, the camera is ...

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