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Yup! I can answer this one... put the card into your computer and manually erase all the data on it. When a canon 60d or 70d can't read data on the card (like it was used in another camera), it will say the card is locked because it doesn't want you to overwrite the data.


There are not a whole lot of differences between the two models. They are based on the same sensor and offer a lot of the same features, controls, and options. They both use the same battery and are almost identical in terms of size and weight. Here are the most noticeable differences: The 700D uses the newer, more powerful DiGiC 5 processor, the 600D ...


Any teleconverter/extender made for the Canon EF mount will work with your camera. Your question should be, "Which teleconverter would work with my lenses." The short answer: none of them. Both of your lenses are EF-S lenses which will only mount on Canon cameras with crop sensors. The extra tab on the EF-S lenses prevents them from being attached to every ...


There are a few teleconverters. But you have to remember that you will lose quality. Canon TC Tamron 1.4x AF TC for Canon EOS

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