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The likely explanation here is that the card has a hardware fault in the SD card which will prevent any attempt to read from it. If this is the case, your data is likely to be permanently lost. This is not necessarily 100% certain. It could be filesystem corruption as suggested by mattdm, as that can sometimes manifest itself as the drive not showing in ...


I have three of the best light meters ever made, and none of them are $600. Of course, my opinion entirely, but they are solid, dependable meters, and are not expensive, like the new fancy sekonic meters that cost more than a very decent lens. The three meters I use are the Gossen Luna Pro-F (standard 9v battery), a Sekonic L-398A, and a Pentax Digital ...


Like MirekE said, check your ISO setting. Most likely it got changed whether on purpose or by accident. You want to have it set on a lower number like 100 or 200, to get less grainy pictures. If it is turned up higher than about 1600, you may start seeing grainy results.


Check your ISO setting. If it is set to a very high value, you might see lots of noise in your images.

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