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It is not possible with your 600D. You have to use additional post-processing software like Photoshop, Gimp or something else. Please see here: http://support-au.canon.com.au/contents/AU/EN/8201440300.html and here: Can one create multiple exposure images with a Canon DSLR?


You have to consider that all "L" lenses are built for full-frame cameras, not for APS-C cameras like the 600D. The 70-200mm have to be multiplied by the crop factor which is 1.6 (equals a range from about 110mm to 320mm).


Only Canon knows for sure much current a sensor cleaning consumes, but it's going to be significantly less than what the LCD's backlight consumed while you were reviewing your last shot. If you're turning your camera on and off lots of times during an afternoon, the sensor will be cleaned far more times than needed unless you spend a lot of time shooting in ...


The standard way I know is to set camera to sleep after some time (mine is 1 minute). In sleep mode battery consumption in negligible so during the walk/photo session i keep the camera in this mode. When I am back home after transferring photos I switch it off. Sensor cleaning "shake" the sensor to "remove" particles/dust from it. It is not very power ...

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