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For what it is worth, NIKON-lenses, an off-site search reveals more information. One of the hits refers to "Ken R" - he generally has facts OK, but may deviate quite a bit on 'opinion'. This is as useful: ...


Yes, you can use vintage/film Nikon F-mount (AI and later) lenses on a Nikon D3200, but you probably don't want to use adapters to use other mounts. Nikon F has one of the thickest registration distances of any SLR mount. This distance is how far the lens is held from the image plane, and needs to be maintained if the lens is to focus to infinity, as ...


What matteres is not the manufacturer of a lens, but its lens mount. In fact, there are two things that have to be considered. First and most important aspect is probably the flange focal distance. This is the distance from the mounting flange (the metal ring on the camera and the rear of the lens) to the film plane. In order to achieve infinit focus, this ...


Provided the lens either fits the mount or has a compatible adaptor, you can use pretty much any lens with any camera. However, there are almost always limitations: Autofocus: the 3200 has no in-camera focus drive. Very few (if any) 'vintage' lenses have built in autofocus motors, let alone the CPU connection to control them, so you will be limited to ...


This happened to me. After using the camera for a while I found when I switched to Jpeg+Raw I copied the files over to the folder on my PC and had two jpegs. This puzzled me as I knew I had used that once before and my PC had no problem with raw files, and I had .CR2 files on my hard drive to prove it. I was convinced the Camera was not now recording the ...

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