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Watch out: the 5D is not weather sealed, but as it is, it an catch raindrops from some light rain and survive. Now, if you have cracks, if they are sufficiently deep, water can get in the camera, dust can get in as well, etc. Differentiate between cracks that start and end on the cover (so it is contained entirely) and those that end on an edge (button ...


Depends on where the cracks are, if they allow light into the camera and what kind of conditions you plan to be shooting in. If they are on more cosmetic parts, it probably doesn't matter at all. They may eventually be failure points, but if they are on replaceable parts, it doesn't matter too much. I'd certainly ask for photos of the cracks as well as ...


Yes, I am almost absolutely certain that this is shutter failure. The reasons are as follows: The phenomenon is dependent on shutter speed. It is not observable below the x-sync speed. The phenomenon gets worse the faster the shutter speed is set. The light blockage is independent of lens--indeed, independent of the presence of any lens. The reflex mirror ...


It initially looked to my eye more like it might be something else in the mirror box that is not moving out of the way fast enough, most likely a part of the secondary mirror assembly. The secondary mirror sits behind the main reflex mirror and reflects light into the AF sensor. But if you are experiencing this problem even when using mirror lockup then that ...


I can't find details about the sensor read out on the 5D, but the only way this could be a shutter problem is if the sensor read out is top to bottom then left to right (which is not the way it is generally done on newer models, but I'm not sure how they may have done it on older models.) Even then, it would seem a bit odd that it spends so long with the ...


I would recommend the 5d mark III without a doubt. Yes it's more, but the mark II has an antiquated AF system with a 9-point diamond. It's fine for most things but if you want to track objects such as aircraft, sports players, etc. the 61-pt AF system in the mark III is much better. Zone mode, expansion mode, spot too, all help get that shot! Also the ...


The resolution difference is so small that it is irrelevant. Technological improvements on the other hand deliver a much better performance from the Mark III version with almost 2 full stops of improvements in terms of image-noise at high-ISO. In terms of photography though, the most significant difference between the two is that the Mark III has a 100% ...


The 5D mk2 was released in 2008, the mk3 in 2012, 4 years is a long time in technology. The mk3 is much better, it is better because of 4 years of sensor technology research, the pixel size makes a difference only if everything else is the same - and when you compare a models that have a 4 years difference everything isn't even close to the same. If you ...

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