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I think he means the extra small dot that shows up in the box. This is able to be turned on by 1: making sure the small dot is enabled in the "Select AF area selec. mode" (just enable them all I say) 2: look into the viewfinder and press the + button with the box around it (to the right of the * button on back of camera) and then use the M-Fn button to ...


The black bar you are seeing is the curtain from your shutter. Your shutter speed (1/500) is faster than your camera's flash sync speed (1/200). To get rid of the black bars, you either need to enable "high speed sync" on your flash (if it has the feature), or choose a shutter speed of 1/200 or slower.


You see the curtain of your camera: nice, no? If you want to avoid that with mark III , use a shutter speed lower than 1/200s You could use high flash speed sync, but I am quite sure that your flash can't use that, so with this flash, your only solution will be under 1/200s or use a ND filter to have less light entering your lens Check this tutorial on ...

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