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The majority of cameras use the JPEG preview (with picture styles applied) embedded in a RAW file as the source data for the histogram and blinkies. In other words, it's just using what's sent to your LCD display for review. This is probably due to limited processor load and data paths, and is a cause for complaint among photographers--that the data they're ...


Magic Lantern isn't installed on your camera it is run from the SD card and is an add-on over your existing firmware. The first thing I would do is bypass Magic Lantern by pressing and holding SET at startup. If that doesn't work format the SD card in the camera. If getting around Magic Lantern doesn't resolve the issue, it sounds like your hardware is ...


I have used the Xume adapters. Awhile back I standardized on 77mm filters, and also found myself swapping them around all the time. I thought the Xume would be a perfect solution. When I bought them, they did not have a dedicated Xume-compatible lens cap, so I "made my own" with old-school screw-on/off caps and dedicated Xume rings for them. I also put Xume ...


Is there a simple way of quickly swapping a circular polariser between lenses (of different filter diameters)? Not really. The simple solution is to have a polarizer for each lens so you don't have to swap them in difficult conditions. The cost-effective solution is to do as you are currently doing and use step down rings. Magnetic filter holders and ...

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