Nidelva river through Trondheim Norway

Nidelva river through Trondheim Norway
by Saaru Lindestokke                

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I think the answer I put into the link below may help with this question as well. How to programme EOS utility to take n number of shots? I am unsure about EOS Utilities working for the number of shots in a row but an Android App Called DSLR Controller (Beta) works really well with my T4i and when i had a T2i. I havent tested it for the 7D mark ii yet. ...


There is a way to fire off 3 exposures in self timer but it is a bit of a "work around'. If you use Auto Exposure Bracketing along with the Self Timer, the camera will fire off 3 exposures in quick succession. Using 1/3 stop bracketing won't vary the exposure by much.


No, it is not possible. That is because to use the self timer you must select one of the two Self-timer drive modes. To shoot bursts you must select the Continuous drive mode. You may only select one drive mode at a time, so you must choose one or the other. The same is true with a wireless remote, since that also requires using one of the Self-timer drive ...

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