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Just wanted to add to this thread in case my solution can help anyone else. I just had a similar issue, occasionally got an Error 80 when powering up. I would get no display with any of my cards in, but if I took the card out my display would start up again, but obviously I couldn't take any photos. As soon as I put a card in, the display wouldn't work ...


Unfortunately this isn't available on the 5D Mark ii, atleast not without third party hacks. It is a feature they made available on the mark iii with an option in the settings to limit the minimum automatic shutter speed as well as the minimum and maximum automatic ISO settings. I heard some mention that it might be possible with Magic Lantern, but it isn't ...


I don't know why you think you get more natural colours in Av mode. Back in the film days, people would underexpose for that purpose, but as long as you don't overexpose, colours will be fine. If you have a preference for shutter speed, then Tv mode is just for you. If you want to get underexposed pictures (for whatever reason), then there is exposure ...


As far as I'm aware the contents of the Quick Control Screen can't be customised. I assume by colour trim you mean the WB SHIFT/BKT menu option? The Quick Control Screen will show a WM +/- icon when this is option is adjusted away from 0, but you can't access the setting from that screen. If you need convenient access to this setting, I think think the ...

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