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Let me start by saying there isn't a wrong answer. Either camera you suggested is a HUGE improvement over an entry level model and you are jumping pretty much clean over the mid-range models. I personally jumped from an xTi (400D) to a 5D Mark iii, but I made that large of a jump because I was starting commercial photography work on the side. I know you ...


You say the 550D is happily serving all your needs and that you're only looking to upgrade because "it is time". May I suggest keep your 550D. It's a great camera by all means and you're already enjoying it. You can put the money you were going to spend on the camera (both that you mention would set you back more than a thousand pounds) and instead invest ...


I would wait till may-june to see how Canon 7D Mark II will look like. Craig from CanonRumors rate it as CR2 which means that this is a trusty source. Anyway, rumors about 7Dmk2 are floating around from some time now, hence it should appear sooner than latter. A 7D2, even if it will be outside of your price range, will lower the prices for the other ...


I suppose it really does come down to your needs and how you plan on using your camera and for what purposes. I would personally go for the 7D as it saves on upgrading the lens etc like you mentioned. I suppose if your on a budget then get the 7D you miss out on image quality but it does serve its purpose for what you NEED.


The two main deciding factors are: 61-AF points on mark 3 much better ISO performance in mark 3. You may only want more AF-points for tracking objects, but I believe that even if you do still photography is good to have the option to avoid focus and recompose. I have a Canon 550D, with 9 AF points, like your mark 2, and sometimes it can frustrating, ...


I would recommend the 5d mark III without a doubt. Yes it's more, but the mark II has an antiquated AF system with a 9-point diamond. It's fine for most things but if you want to track objects such as aircraft, sports players, etc. the 61-pt AF system in the mark III is much better. Zone mode, expansion mode, spot too, all help get that shot! Also the ...


The resolution difference is so small that it is irrelevant. Technological improvements on the other hand deliver a much better performance from the Mark III version with almost 2 full stops of improvements in terms of image-noise at high-ISO. In terms of photography though, the most significant difference between the two is that the Mark III has a 100% ...


The 5D mk2 was released in 2008, the mk3 in 2012, 4 years is a long time in technology. The mk3 is much better, it is better because of 4 years of sensor technology research, the pixel size makes a difference only if everything else is the same - and when you compare a models that have a 4 years difference everything isn't even close to the same. If you ...

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