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I think the answer I put into the link below may help with this question as well. How to programme EOS utility to take n number of shots? I am unsure about EOS Utilities working for the number of shots in a row but an Android App Called DSLR Controller (Beta) works really well with my T4i and when i had a T2i. I havent tested it for the 7D mark ii yet. ...


There is a way to fire off 3 exposures in self timer but it is a bit of a "work around'. If you use Auto Exposure Bracketing along with the Self Timer, the camera will fire off 3 exposures in quick succession. Using 1/3 stop bracketing won't vary the exposure by much.


No, it is not possible. That is because to use the self timer you must select one of the two Self-timer drive modes. To shoot bursts you must select the Continuous drive mode. You may only select one drive mode at a time, so you must choose one or the other. The same is true with a wireless remote, since that also requires using one of the Self-timer drive ...


About the only thing you have not tried that might help is to update/reinstall the firmware for your 5D Mark II. The last version listed at Canon USA's support page for the 5D Mark II is version 2.1.2 There are instructions that become visible when you click the "select" box for the listing of version 2.1.2. They tell you how to download the zip file, ...

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