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Napioa - Wind Origins
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I own a 550D - If you have been using a different brand camera for years, you MIGHT just be making wrong menu selections using "muscle memory". For instance, video will not record until you press the "Live View" button you will see a red dot appear in top right of LCD. You can't start recording a video just by switching the dial. It may be worth going thru ...


Cam ranger. If you go to they have a product called camranger which is an awesome product that turns your android or iPhone iPad or Mac into a full featured camera controller as well as being able to control multiple cameras simultaneously. The other suggestion being the wifi sdhc card. You don't need to go with eyefi or mobi. Just get any ...


If the dial is definitely set to video mode, but the display is still showing "P", then it sounds like the dial may be broken. If you rotate the dial, does the mode change at all, or is it permanently stuck in "P" mode?

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