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Just a side note: slowness during making night shots may be due to noise reduction... The data transfer speed is easy to calculate. Take a picture of your choice (e.g. RAW with 12-bit, uncompressed - just an example), and see the file size of that. (Or average the sizes of the pictures you have made - or find the worst case size.) Now, when you make ...


The sync voltage limit on a Cactus V5 is 300V. As long as your flash doesn't go over that, you should be fine. In addition, any dRebels that are newer than the 300D have a sync volt limit of 250V on the hotshoe, according to Chuck Westfall, the technical rep for Canon, answering a question in a 2007 tech tips article for the digitaljournalist.org: I ...


I bought my (older) Canon 55-250 IS refurbished, and I think it's done very well for me. Just a few examples here. I do not have experience with the Tamron or Sigma equivalents, but I consider mine good value for money. I'm using it with the 500D/T1i.


I personally use only Canon lenses, for this reason I can't compare Canon with other brands, like the already mentioned. However, Canon produces very good to excellent zoom lenses. One example of a cheap lens is 55-250mm (here are different versions of this lens: ...


The short answer is yes, they are trustworthy but your question seems to be more orientated towards the 'should you go for the cheaper version' kind of area. In some cases, people would consider the Tamron/Sigma equivalent to be better, but that's subjective and can take into account many things such as build quality, features, price and of course picture ...


bro you have asked for the suggestion about sigmas and tamron's status and lens suggestion for your camera . Honestly bro they both are very good Brand but for being 3rd party we regret their power and goodness :) i think One's need of lens depend on For which purpose he wants to use Choosing a Perfect Lens for the Camera Budget for the lens brand ...


(This question is being migrated to the meta site, so I'm answering as if this is already there.) You will need 11 reputation to participate in the contest, because that is the threshold at which you can post images. That is a fairly low bar — you just need two upvotes on a question or one upvotes on an answer. The contest is really meant for people who are ...


There are two different types of Autofocus in most DSLR's. There is PDAF (or phase detect autofocus) and CDAF (contrast detect autofocus). PDAF uses a special focus sensor to measure the phase of the light coming from different parts of the lens (which is much faster) while CDAF uses the actual image sensor to look for the highest contrast it can get ...


To quote from your camera's manual (page 118): "The dedicated AF sensor is used to focus in the One-Shot AF mode (p.66), using the same AF method as with viewfinder shooting. Although you can focus the target area quickly, the Live View image will be interrupted momentarily during the AF operation." More specifically, what it does is to briefly put the ...

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