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The UnDutchables firmware hack is based on a russian replacement firmware package which has been known to do weird things when formatting CF cards. I would suggest reformatting the card on your mac and not formatting it in camera again.


I'm not sure what an "Untouchables Firmware" is (my assumption is that it's some 3rd-party firmware) but it sounds as if the camera has somehow formatted the card into a format that only it can read. If it's happened with a second CF card, my suspicion is that there's a problem with the camera. Can you install a default/Canon firmware on the camera and see ...


Based on your tests, it really sounds like a hardware problem with the camera. Given that you're seeing the same symptoms with several memory cards, it's likely the camera (not the cards) that is the culprit. One option would be a repair on the camera, but as you note this is an older unit and you could probably pick up something like a T1i or for not much ...

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