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As far as I know there are two possible solutions. I will explain both of them below. EOS utility This software is supplied with your camera. It can be downloaded from the internet, but it's a hassle. It's better if you install it from the CD and update it. When you have it on your computer do the following: Connect your camera through USB. Start EOS ...


Sigma produces same lenses for many different mounts, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, micro 4/3, etc... If you bought Sigma lens for Canon, than you don't need an adapter. If you didn't... well, why didn't you? It might be possible to attach it with adapter, and might not. but that depends on the particular mount your lens is compatible with (for example ...


Not a lot comes to mind on the camera body side, but several things may result in blurry/out of focus photos on the lens side of this problem. Auto-focus switch set to On? Image stabilizing switch set to On? Image stabilizing malfunction? Smudges/dirt on the front element of the lens? Smudges/dirt on the rear element of the lens? Auto-focus malfunction? ...

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