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It is not that the display switches to viewfinder after some seconds, it is that the camera goes to sleep mode. So you need to go to Menu, then look for the Auto Power off option, and choose the timeout value. You can switch it off entirely, which means that your camera would never go into sleep mode, you'd have to manually hit the OFF switch to switch the ...


tl;dr: It looks like an AF system problem; servicing required. Details: Unless in LiveView, your camera uses a separate AF sensor. Its faster and more precise than liveview one. Look closely at a mirror - notice there are two mirrors actually. Half of the light goes to the viewfinder, another one is bounced to an AF sensor. Here's a picture: https://cdn....


Shutter Count from Dire Studio works for me on all of my post-Digic II Canon EOS cameras. Your Canon EOS 1100D is listed as compatible.

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