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Fotodiox makes a variety of lens mount adapter rings, they have a Pentax K-> Canon EOS one, and I believe it's sold by B&H and Adorama. And there's always eBay. However, you will want to do some research and find out the effects of adapting a lens like this. You're most likely going to lose the ability to do wide-open metering, shooting in any modes ...


This happened to me. After using the camera for a while I found when I switched to Jpeg+Raw I copied the files over to the folder on my PC and had two jpegs. This puzzled me as I knew I had used that once before and my PC had no problem with raw files, and I had .CR2 files on my hard drive to prove it. I was convinced the Camera was not now recording the ...


This can sometimes be caused by an old/slow SD card. Make sure the SD card is fast enough, generally, just look for class 10 (It'll have a circle with a 10 in it somewhere on the card). If it's less than that, it might not work. The other thing is that as SD cards get older, they can become less reliable, try doing a Low Level format (See here if you don't ...

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