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As far as I know there are two possible solutions. I will explain both of them below. EOS utility This software is supplied with your camera. It can be downloaded from the internet, but it's a hassle. It's better if you install it from the CD and update it. When you have it on your computer do the following: Connect your camera through USB. Start EOS ...


The unofficial firmware extension magic lantern has this feature. There you can select an arbitrary Image that you have taken with this camera on the sd card in playback mode and overlay it in live-view mode.


Sigma produces same lenses for many different mounts, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, micro 4/3, etc... If you bought Sigma lens for Canon, than you don't need an adapter. If you didn't... well, why didn't you? It might be possible to attach it with adapter, and might not. but that depends on the particular mount your lens is compatible with (for example ...


This happened to me. After using the camera for a while I found when I switched to Jpeg+Raw I copied the files over to the folder on my PC and had two jpegs. This puzzled me as I knew I had used that once before and my PC had no problem with raw files, and I had .CR2 files on my hard drive to prove it. I was convinced the Camera was not now recording the ...


Fotodiox makes a variety of lens mount adapter rings, they have a Pentax K-> Canon EOS one, and I believe it's sold by B&H and Adorama. And there's always eBay. However, you will want to do some research and find out the effects of adapting a lens like this. You're most likely going to lose the ability to do wide-open metering, shooting in any modes ...


This can sometimes be caused by an old/slow SD card. Make sure the SD card is fast enough, generally, just look for class 10 (It'll have a circle with a 10 in it somewhere on the card). If it's less than that, it might not work. The other thing is that as SD cards get older, they can become less reliable, try doing a Low Level format (See here if you don't ...

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