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If you use higher end lenses and 20+ MP sensor, the 2x rule is safer. Safer meaning that there are many factors. Weight distribution of your lens, your camera body, your current physical condition, your current level of adrenaline, your sniper/biathlon training etc. So it is best to watch your shots closely and develop your personal rule.


When should ¹/EFL become ¹/(2 × EFL) to avoid camera shake? When you plan to display at twice the magnification needed to create an 8x10 print to be viewed at distance of 10" by a person with 20/20 vision. The original 1/FL rule of thumb was based on the assumption of a 36x24mm frame of film being enlarged to an 8x10 print. Even then, if you were planning ...


If you had a consistent and measurable amount of camera shake, then I suppose you could determine exactly the required shutter speed, and that would depend not only on focal length, but also the lens resolution, sensor properties (crop factor, pixel resolution/density) and how large, and from what distance, you will view the final image. However the amount ...

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