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First some notes about dynamic range. Timelapses of sunrises or sunsets are tricky because of the huge dynamic range that you can capture. My (unscientific) tests showed me that capturing smooth gradients of the sky as well as details in the shadows would require a camera with 20 stops of dynamic range or more. This camera doesn't exist. But worse, your ...


Go into your custom settings menu and assign and scroll down until you see the "Assign MB-D15" button. Change it to "AF-ON" or whatever you want it to be.


Go to Custom Function Three (C.Fn3: Drive) in the custom functions menu tab and insure that under "Restrict Drive Modes" that there is a check mark next to the self timer setting you wish to use. If there is no check mark then that drive mode is disabled and not selectable using the AF-Drive button. It is on page 326 of the 1D X Instruction Manual.

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