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If you are referring to viewing a photo you have already taken (Image Playback), then refer to p.80 of the Canon Rebel T5 Instruction Manual: After you press the Image Playback button (▶️), press the <DISP> button to cycle through the display format modes: More detailed Image Playback features are described starting on p.203.


I prefer not to take photos using auto! I understand this preference, but I think if your goal is to record this event, you should use auto. That's because the question itself indicates that you are uncomfortable with the basic exposure parameters and their use. Auto will take care of this for you — maybe not with the best possible results, but certainly ...


There is a full module of python code that you can use to control everything from the exposure, to the color balance, shutter speeds and such. You can find all the goodies here: I have used the older camera (which had a far less profound sensor) in some pretty unusual ways. You can control a lot ...


The biggest handicap you're going to have to deal with when using that lens for sports is the relative narrow maximum aperture. At the longest focal length, which you're going to be using most often, your lens will be limited to f/6.3. Even if you are in bright daylight, which will allow for proper exposure at the shutter speeds you'll need to stop the ...


This is going to be generally hard. I'd suggest: Get as close as possible. 200mm on a "DX" camera isn't peanuts, but it won't bring you right to the action from a distance. Use the camera's "sports" mode. This situation is exactly what it's for. It will prioritize fast shutter speeds.

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