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The actual shutter speeds we use are necessarily powers of two, but the nominal shutter speeds MARKED are just convenient rounded approximations. We DO NOT USE THE MARKED number values, the camera knows to substitute and use the actual powers of two. 1/30 is 1/32, 1/60 is 1/64, and 1/125 is 1/128 second. The markings might show three sequences, but the ...


The way every grip I've ever used has worked is that whatever particular button on the grip corresponds to a particular button on the camera will function the same way as that button on the camera body without any additional setup. Just as pressing the shutter release on the grip does the exact same thing as pressing the shutter button on the camera, if the ...


I'm pretty sure you just press display a couple of times. I work in a camera shop and can try this and confirm tomorrow (gmt) will edit my answer to either confirm this or give the correct answer


The camera shows you the last set of info that was selected. When you see it again, press the down or up direction on the 4-way controller until you see the view you want. The next time you shoot, that is what you will see. On Nikon entry-level DSLRs you can even disable this completely in the Playback menu by changing the Playback Display Options. Just ...

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