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The relevant details appear to be on page 167 of your manual under the custom bracketing settings. You can set the parameters to either be set manually or automatically, it sounds like they must have been changed to automatic from manual.


There is an EXIF field called "Exposure program" which does exactly what you want: Show what was the mode in which camera worked. However for older, (cheaper?) cameras (for example Nikon Coolpix D7000) this field can simply have "Unidentified (0)" or "Manual (1)" even if the camera was in one of the automatic exposure modes. For professional dSLRs (eg. ...


For taking pictures of the Milky Way, you probably want to go reading through the milky-way tag here on photo.SE. To do a timelapse, you want an intervalometer of some kind, which can automate taking repeated shots at a set interval. There are several types. Some cameras have them built in to the software (the 100D doesn't; although there may be a Magic ...


Yes it should not be a problem. You may want to have a look at something like a remote shutter control. This way you can control the length/time the shutter should remain open while taking the photo Also, it will be a lot easier to capture the milky way if there is not a lot of ambient light around (like city lights). Have a look on Amazon or some retail ...

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