High Falls, Pigeon River

by Jakub

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Get a tripod. This is essentially why the camera says subject too dark. It is a warning normally issues to indicate that the resulting image will be blurred due to the camera moving during the exposure. Use the optical viewfinder As long as you can see your subject, you will be able to shoot it. That is what a viewfinder is for. When you use Live-View, ...


Hum. despite watching lots and lots of videos Spend less time watching videos and more time taking photos. Prepare your settings 1) Define what is your "night" photography. A cityscape, a dark night on a dark forest without any light? 2) Mount the camera on a tripod 3) Set your iso at 800 and manual mode. 4) Open your lens all the way up. If you ...


You need to use flash. The two main advantages of flash will both help with what you are trying to do. Strobes place a lot of light on the subject at the time of exposure. Typically at a much lower cost than the same amount and quality of light from continuous sources. The short duration of light put out by many strobes allow you to freeze any motion of ...


I am relative newbie to photography, so take this advice with a pinch of salt, but I find when I accidentally use a high ISO during the day my skies come out really white, I guess as the light sensitivity is too high. Therefore I always keep my ISO as low as possible even when it is cloudy and I think this is helping reduce blown skies.


You activated by mistake an advanced view mode. You can switch between view modes by pressing "info" (or maybe "display" for you) when in view mode. The view switchs in that order (sorry for image quality) : Classical View : your photo and some settings and nothing else Classical View with more information : your photo, some settings image quality ...

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