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I can print a 4x6, then scan it and save at the higher resolution. Why would you do that! Where is the magic process that creates new detail there? You are only losing information! You are cheating on yourself, you probably are seeing more contrast, because you are loosing middle tones, you probably are watching the paper texture, but you are NOT getting "...


You got it the wrong way round; the dpi setting stored in the file is nowadays just a historic and mostly useless number, and you could simply change it with a tool, but there is not even any need for printing. What you need to care for is the total resolution of the photo, which is limited by the camera hardware. You can reduce resolution, but never ...


These settings don't seem "weird". It sounds like you have enabled "AF-F" mode — that's "full-time servo", where the camera tracks focus until you freeze it by pressing the shutter. You can disable that by changing to AF-S mode — autofocus-single. Nikon calls the level-indicator "virtual horizon". Turn that off in the setup menu if you don't want it. All ...


I like to know is there a binocular which uses binocular lenses as camera lenses to take picture There are binocular cameras like this Vivitar model that let you record what you see when looking through the binoculars. There are also adapters for various kinds of cameras that let you take a photo through one of the eyepieces. ...and show pictures live ...


According to page 267 of the D5500 Reference Manual, using custom setting f2 to set the AE-L/AF-L button to AF-ON prevents the shutter release button from focusing.

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