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Are your garments laying on the white background, or is the background back a few feet? White backgrounds back a few feet are farther from the light, and so will look gray, and need their own background light to light it to about the same intensity as the foreground. It is simply the usual practice. Put enough light on the background to look very white. ...


No. P, Tv, Av, M, Bulb and (in our discussion) the Custom modes (C1, C2, C3 etc.) have all different/independent values for Av and Tv stored in separate memory locations in camera's NVRAM for the user-definable (constant) part of the said program (none for P, Time for Tv, Aperture for Av, both for M etc.).


In Aperture Priority mode, you set a chosen aperture and the camera will automatically match the shutter speed so that a correct exposure is produced (according to the metering mode). The exposure indicator will only be shown if you apply an exposure compensation (hold the +/- button and rotate the command dial). By default the exposure compensation is set ...


If you want to change the aperture number do this. Choose the Manual mode and push and hold the 4 button [ the button <4> +/- near the info button ] and keeping this down turn the number <27> turning wheel and see the results. This works perfectly in Live but and in viwfinder.

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