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While I'm not sure I'd class either camera as "pro", the RX-100 has two big advantages over the Coolpix P340 for night-time photography. Its sensor is about four times larger, so it's high iso noise performance and dynamic range are liable to be better, and the RX-100 has bulb mode (i.e., there's no limit to how long you can leave the shutter open). Thee ...


Besides the fact that the Nikon one is thinner, lighter and cheaper, it basically doesn't have any advantage over the RX100 (mark 1, 2 or 3). With much larger sensor, RX100 can have much better performance in low light, higher dynamic range, lower noise at high ISO. With the same wide f/1.8 aperture at wide angle, RX100 with its larger sensor will have a ...


The main contributing factor when it comes to low-light performance is sensor size. The RX100 (Original, II or III) all use a 1" sensor which is larger than the 1/1.7" one used on the Nikon P340. You can see the difference in actual size by comparing both of these on my site. Just like at the rectangle in the row with the Sensor Area heading.


My suggestion maybe will be a little bit strage, but will provide very good quality of images. For camera I will suggest fullframe body like Canon 6D, 5D M3. For lens will propose tild-shift 24 mm Canon lens. Combine this with tripod and shutter release cable. Process is sample: shift to the left the lens, shoot, shift to center, shoot, shift to right, ...

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