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A quick answer that should really help,I hope. "If" you really think you're going seriously take up photography remember you get what you pay for. That really is the case with photography equipment. However, also remember any entry level DSLR will do a fantastic job for you until you get to understand the equipment. The actual camera body is the cheapest ...


First off, you may want to read: Are there disadvantages to a prosumer camera for a beginner, aside from cost? To get a sense of why your friend mentioned a prosumer model to you, over an base-line entry-level camera. sidenote: Vari-angle LCDs: Also, realize that the vari-angle LCD is not unique to the prosumer model, but can also be found on Canon's ...


DSLRs don't have electronic shutters. I can't think of any stop-motion artists that were paralyzed by concern over shutter actuations. A camera sitting on a tripod in a studio seems an ideal candidate for longetivity. While you could go mirrorless, I think it would be much more important to have completely manual settings (especially focus). You would have ...


From the sound of it you should honestly just invest in a nice point and shoot. If you buy a DSLR for the trip you're going to want a zoom that's 200mm or so which can get pricey. And unless you know what you're doing with the camera and can quickly adjust ISO, Shutter, f. stop, etc... you're going to be shooting it in auto mode anyway which would ...

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