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Generally, if you do not already know what to buy - then you should not buy anything. I'd suggest to look thoroughly into learning more about photography in general instead. As you're "on" with that you will - with time - find out exactly what you're lacking/missing... and by that learn what to look for in an eventual new camera - if you get to that ...


I'll tell you right away that there is no chance for me to answer without being very technical. Since you're looking for an open source solution it cuts away all of the commonly used programs and leaves us with a bunch of programs that require more from the user. The advanced part has nothing to do with photography though. The technicalities lies in ...


“A boat is a hole in the water, surrounded by wood or fiberglass, into which one pours money” It’s not hard to stretch this analogy to photography. It won’t be difficult to bump up against your price limit. I’ve been doing outdoor photography for just over five years and moved to a DSLR about two years ago, so I’m just a couple steps ahead of you. For ...


I would strongly recommend refraining from buying a different DSLR body if you already have one unless you have a specific reason, such as one of the following: Higher shutter speed Higher ISO options (better low light support) Switching sensor size (i.e. cropped sensor to full frame) Desire a new feature that is unavailable with your current body (like ...

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