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My 2 cents. For your case. Lets forget about the camera for now. 1) Place the bride next to a big open window, light on one side and take some pictures. Do not point at the window so the camera does not think there is too much light and obscure the photo. You could practice with your cellphone (see the point 4). Actually, you could get away with this ...


I don't want to rain on your parade, but in my estimation being tech savvy, taking a photography class, and having a $500 budget is not a realistic expectation of all the gear and preparation you're going to need to take the type of photos you're probably visualizing, if you're thinking of white seamless work where it's just a single-color (typically white) ...


35mm would be generally felt to be on the very short side fpr portrait type images, which presumably this is what these images are. A web search (or on this site) re lenses and portrait photography will give you a feel of what results you are liable top achieve. An 18-35mm lens is often (but not invariably) a lower cost kit lens. Results can be good (or not) ...


The first thing that comes to my mind is utilizing a ring-flash. A ring flash is a specialized type of flash that gives a very recognizable ring catchlight in your subjects eyes that typically has little to no shadows present at all. It has been popular with fashion, event, and portrait photographers in the past. Some more information we have here already ...

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