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Current Canon bodies are made of anything from glass filled polycarbonate, to the same kind of engineering grade plastic that the light boxes of all current DSLRs, including the flagship models such as the Canon 1D X and the Nikon D4 are made of, to magnesium alloy. Canon pioneered the use of glass filled polycarbonate materials in cameras way back in the ...


It's probably a glass filled polycarbonate. Composite materials like this get the benefit of the two different types of materials used to make it - it benefits from the polymer matrix as well as from the glass. According to the bottom link the glass improves impact, moisture, and chemical resistance of the polycarbonate. Google Patents Patent 4,247,600 ...


If you have browsed through the technical pages of Pierre Toscani, you probably noticed he is quite knowledgeable when it comes to geometrical optics. Although I cannot ascertain his schematics are correct, I certainly trust him on this, as this is an extremely well researched article. Concerning the maximum possible lens aperture, Toscani says that since ...

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