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Autofocus lenses are always either electrically or mechanically coupled to the body. Since the digital SLR most lenses are now electronically coupled, so that the camera body controls both aperture and focus. However, lenses with manual focus and aperture controls do not require any electrical or physical communication with the camera body. The focus and ...


As Caleb pointed out, all focus and aperture-related functions (as well as optical zoom when relevant) happen inside the lens, not in the body (in terms of lens components moving at least, not talking about the logic and control). Nowadays most lenses will have built-in motors to perform these tasks, and are controlled electronically by the body through the ...


if I use the auto-focus, does it adjust the lens focus, or is there a secondary lens in the body that gets adjusted? No, there's no secondary lens. The lens attached to the camera contains a motor that moves the lens elements as required by the autofocus system. Same with the aperture settings, is this changing on the attached lens, or is there ...


Many manufacturers offer viewfinder extenders, but Fuji doesn't list one among the accessories for HS-series cameras. However, there are some third party "viewfinder magnifier" options that fit cameras from a number of manufacturers, including Fuji. It's hard to say whether these would fit your model (especially considering the age of this question) but they ...


There are numerous products available which do this exact thing. They are adapters which often fit over an existing lens to produce 2 images on the sensor. A quick search on 3d lens will give you the most hits though it isn't something I'd consider an obvious search term. Products I'm aware of include ranges from Loreo and Kula 3d. There is/was a 3d lens ...

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