Sunset in Kruger

by MrFrench

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First check the settings of your camera. Read the section "Image Quality and Size" section in your camera catalog. This will answer you every thing. Handy Tips. If you are not a Pro then don't set your camera image format to NEF or RAW set it to JPEG fine. Then go to Image size and set it to large. Then take a photograph. I hope you should be able to ...


I have the exact same model, try pressing and holding the zoom in (magnification with a + symbol inside it) for a few seconds. The camera should zoom into your photo, otherwise I'd return the camera to Nikon considering its not an old model, yours is probably still covered under warranty. To all those people asking how he can zoom out without zooming in, I ...


If the USB cable is attached between the camera & PC, the live view LV lever doesn't engage. Ensure the cable isn't attached to your PC.

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