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The possible sources of error can be: Expired/bad quality battery (e.g. you used it beyond its operation temperature limits). Camera-to-battery communication is corrupted - either a circuit is faulty, or even more likely that the data connection between these two is corrupted. Check for dirt on the copper contacts of the camera and the battery. Cleaning is ...


Have you checked the tension of the battery door spring/bracket? On my Canon Powershot S90, over time, the spring that pushes the door against the battery so it makes good contact, lost tension. Eventually, even with a freshly recharged battery pack, as soon as I turned the camera on, I'd get the "change battery pack" message, and the camera would shut ...


Sometimes - and I've just been reading about this -, weirdly enough, cameras can turn off if they basically crash and cannot write fast enough to the memory card. I've never experienced this - only read about it. Is your memory stick of a lower class (they'll indicate this, Class 1-10 - or a rating in Mb/s)?

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