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As far as I'm aware the contents of the Quick Control Screen can't be customised. I assume by colour trim you mean the WB SHIFT/BKT menu option? The Quick Control Screen will show a WM +/- icon when this is option is adjusted away from 0, but you can't access the setting from that screen. If you need convenient access to this setting, I think think the ...


Actually, YES -if your A7 is like the A7s It's under the custom setting - "AEL w/ shutter (still image)" set it to 'On' AND set your ISO to Auto. It will then adjust and hold the ISO when when you partially press the shutter button when in M mode. Alternatively, set ISO to Auto, ensure you have AE Lock enabled, flip the AEL/AF/MF lever to AEL, then ...


No. This is a function of some cameras, most notably those of Pentax, yet these are the exception rather than the norm.

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