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Yes, I have that one. It can be put onto a normal pants belt without taking the belt off. The loop on the back of Lowepro S&F items are narrow so works nicely even on a curved belt: it doesn't force the belt to flatten behind it. Check out the larger StuffIt from ThinkTank. I like it better, but this one is larger.


Yes, you can attach it to any belt. Take a look at the product page here: http://store.lowepro.com/s-f-utility-bag-100-aw in particular the product images, and the one that shows the velcro strap at the rear of the pouch. I don't have this pouch in particular, but I have another of the Lowepro S&F series pouches.


I've for years been using a LowePro beltpack camerabag. Works great. But it's a personal preference of course, see for yourself if it's what you want/need. LowePro Toploader Pro Another option (or combine with the Toploader would be the Street&Field series belt with pouches. The 55-250 might get a bit uncomfortable banging against your leg. Apart from ...

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