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In my opinion, leadership, creativity and flexibility are not best conveyed by the backdrop color of a headshot. Note that I said headshot, as that is what I would typically recommend for any resume/CV image. Instead I think that it is important to consider your audience. Are you(or the user of the image) applying for a position as a manager in a ...


"Paying vendors on time" Examples of vendors would be photo and print labs, gear rental agencies, suppliers of wedding albums and so forth. Would also apply to assistants such as 2nd shooters or retouchers. Anyone that supplies paid products or services to the photographer.


A vendor is simply a person or company offering something for sale. A good example of this would be a wedding photography vendor. There may be a wedding facility or company that has a list of trusted photographers that they would refer. They may call these photographers "Preferred Vendor Status". These are photographers that a wedding service trust to do a ...

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