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No, they don't DSLR's tend to assume the user knows what they're doing and gives them full control of the shutter. Other camera system types tend to have some kind of hard limit as you've observed. EVIL cameras like the NX8 will tend to have limits imposed by the manufacturer and will vary by model. There are edge cases like the Nikon IR remote (but I ...


In digital cameras, there are a few reasons for the limit: The sensor does not integrate light as well as silver halide photography does, unless the sensor is cooled (which also improves "film" time exposures). There is a buildup of electronic noise, so that the image becomes unusable; see Image noise and Digital Camera Image Noise. During long exposures, ...


Sorry, the P520 will only expose for up to 8S at ISO100. For 200 and 400 it's 4 seconds, decreasing to 1/2 second max at HI1 ~ISO64000) This is very disappointing and is teh weakest aspect of an otherwise excellent camera IMHO.


Generally? No, at least not what I've seen. I've only used Canon though. I don't imagine Nikon having a restriction especially on any (d)SLR. And with a MILC the sensor is always exposed so there goes the damaging sensor argument.


There is simply too mich light. You can use ND filters to reduce the amount of light that reaches the sensor.

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