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Any wired remotes that are compatible with canon cameras will work. Look for one that can lock. I found mine new for less than $15. If you don't want to spend the money, look for an old wired cell phone headset with a 2.5mm stereo jack. cut the wire as far from the jack as possible and strip the end of the wire. Most headphone wires have three wires, each ...


You can use a wired remote release that has a built in intervalometer, such as this fairly inexpensive one or this one. Regardless of the brand name stamped on them, they all seem to be made identically. You then set the camera to Bulb and let the timer in the remote open and close the shutter.


Taking a look at page 78 of the manual as far as I can tell your camera does not have any option to extend beyond 8 seconds in camera. I also don't see an option for a remote control or shutter release that would give that ability. You could(and should) stack multiple 8 second exposures in post processing though. Take a look at this existing question: How ...

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