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There is simply too mich light. You can use ND filters to reduce the amount of light that reaches the sensor.


Yes you can, but as far as I know, you cannot do it with the 622C alone. You can definitely do it with the addition of a 622C TX. I took a couple of my daughter doing exactly what you want to do. There is a description of how I did it with the photos on Flickr. Full size Another example


I think that firing the flash manually gives you a lot more interesting possibilities than rear curtain sync. If you want to have rear curtain sync, just push the (flash) button at the end of the exposure (just before releasing the shutter button) That being said, you can fire the flash at any time during the bulb exposure. If a dancer jumps, you probably ...


Pocketwizard's wiki says you cannot use 2nd curtain together with bulb mode if you are relying solely on the camera to trigger the flash in sync with the second curtain. Because in bulb mode the exposure is terminated by the photographer after an arbitrary period of time, there's no way for the camera to predict when that will be, and therefore no way for ...

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