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Get Magic Lantern. Opens up a whole load of neat stuff including an intervalometer. And it's free!


Generally you should use a remote shutter release to hold the shutter open for a prolonged period. This also prevents camera-shake that is usually associated with touching the camera while taking a long exposure. Several options are available from simple lockable switches to complex intervalometers. Each have their own advantages but to get started a cheap ...


If you are using the RC-6 wireless IF remote, the possibility is that its being interrupted when you push it to close the bulb mode, the battery is dying on the remote (not likely if new but possible), or its being pressed for too long to close the shutter and then your camera thinks its time to start a new picture. try setting the camera to single shot and ...


Taking a look at page 78 of the manual as far as I can tell your camera does not have any option to extend beyond 8 seconds in camera. I also don't see an option for a remote control or shutter release that would give that ability. You could(and should) stack multiple 8 second exposures in post processing though. Take a look at this existing question: How ...


As an owner of SX50 HS, I can clarify a few points that the other answers have left dangling. Exposures longer than 1.0 second requires ISO 80 setting. In other words, as soon as you go from 1.0 to 1.3, ISO setting automatically locks down to 80. From this point, you can set the exposure up to 15 seconds. RS-60E3 remote switch is compatible with this ...

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