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According to the online manual, the B on the mode dial will set it to Bulb mode. Have a look at page 24 in this document.


Get Magic Lantern. Opens up a whole load of neat stuff including an intervalometer. And it's free!


Bulb mode holds the shutter open until you close it (or allow it to close). As you said, hold the shutter release down, or use a wireless remote. If you want more precise timing, something like TriggerTrap is what you want.


You can use a wired remote release that has a built in intervalometer, such as this fairly inexpensive one or this one. Regardless of the brand name stamped on them, they all seem to be made identically. You then set the camera to Bulb and let the timer in the remote open and close the shutter.


Generally you should use a remote shutter release to hold the shutter open for a prolonged period. This also prevents camera-shake that is usually associated with touching the camera while taking a long exposure. Several options are available from simple lockable switches to complex intervalometers. Each have their own advantages but to get started a cheap ...


You can use also the Nikon ML-L3 infrared remote for exposures up to 30 minutes. A press on the button opens the shutter and a second one closes it, see page 73 of the manual. The 30 seconds mentioned on page 81 are the maximum delay between the first press of the button on the remote and the opening of the shutter when the remote control mode is remote ...


No camera support timed bulb mode due to the very definition of Bulb mode. It's simply a mode that keeps the shutter open as long as the shutter release button is pressed. Shutter speed precision is usually not important in bulb mode since an error of a second only accounts to mere percent of the exposure over a minute long exposure (usually a lot less than ...


Taking a look at page 78 of the manual as far as I can tell your camera does not have any option to extend beyond 8 seconds in camera. I also don't see an option for a remote control or shutter release that would give that ability. You could(and should) stack multiple 8 second exposures in post processing though. Take a look at this existing question: How ...

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