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You don't need to buy a wireless remote — you can buy a wired remote. For just a trigger button with a lock (to hold the button down), you can find 3rd party wired shutter releases for under $10 US, such as from Vivitar, Pixel, Vello, and other brands.


You can, for very little money, build your own wired remote control, eg. by following these instructions, or any others that a google search for "canon diy remote" brings up. This remote has a momentary action switch, and a two way switch for arbitrarily long exposures. I successfully made such a remote with my own two left hands.


Yea... you can check out ebay or any local shop that sells camera equipment. You get wired remotes with a display screen that lets u take extremely long exposures (ranging from few seconds to 99 hours). These are best for exposures. Specially long ones. I take milky way shots so i use this remote to avoid any shake in my images.

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