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If pulling the cord of the RS60-E3 out of the camera jack solves the problem then the problem is not in the camera, it is with the RS60-E3. What happens if you immediately plug the cord back in? Does the shutter open back up for another exposure? It sounds like the shutter button is just getting stuck and takes a while to fully release. If you only recently ...


What's the minimum exposure time that can be achieved in bulb mode? Technically, the minimum exposure time is probably limited by the speed that a person can press and release the shutter button (or remote shutter release). I assume this is somewhere on the order of 0.1 seconds (1/10 shutter speed) or so. However, this is highly variable and difficult ...


There is a "bulb" setting of sorts on the X-S1 that allows specific shutter times at 1 second intervals to be set. If 15 seconds is too fast but 30 seconds is too long, you can try, for example, 22 seconds or 18 seconds or 20 seconds or 19 seconds until you zero in on what works best. But the longest possible shutter time is 30 seconds (actual exposure time ...

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