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It might be that there's an embedded profile and some of your software can handle it, while other software cannot. If you load the file from your hard drive into your browser, will it be displayed as when it is uploaded to the web, or does it look different? Mostly a webpage will not change the information you post to it. Loading the image into your browser ...


What it looks like from your comments is that the software you are using is not taking into account your display and simply sending the image-data (either from the embedded JPEG or after RAW interpolation) as is. The result is that images look dark which just says that your display has a darker tone-curve than is usual. Firefox and Chrome correct for this ...


What color is the border/background on your screen when viewing the image in your editing program? What color is the border/background when viewing the image via a browser? Especially with darker images, the same exact file will look much darker surrounded by a light background than when surrounded by a dark one. (For the full effect, view each of these ...


You need to calibrate your monitor with a piece of hardware if you haven't already. See - What cheap colour calibrators are available for Linux? Secondly you need to understand color spaces and gamut. What color space are you capturing images in? What color space are you post processing in? Are you converting to sRGB before uploading to the web? Do you ...

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