Alley in Pisa, Italy

by Lars Kotthoff

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Please check which color profile your camera is set to. I suspect it be set to 'AdobeRGB' - which may well have the effect you're seeing. To get expected results using anything else than sRGB you need to set up a properly color-managed workflow.


Camera sensors are linear capture devices, which does not match well to the human perception of light and color. So, after the raw image is taken, it is usually converted to something with more "pop" to the color. Since more pop equals more exciting first impression, most consumer camera models default to cranking these parameters right up to 11. More ...


There's a bit of post production going on in that image that is probably clouding things somewhat. If you look at the area at the top of the image it's clearly been blown out (overexposed) and then brought back from pure white to a dirty grey pink colour. This says to me two things - the contrast of the image has been lowered so that the blacks and whites ...


You need to shoot at either sunrise or set (sunset is generally warmer in tone), when the sun is very low in the sky. Shoot with the sun behind the model (taking care not to look directly at it if possible). As you are shooting into the sun, you need some light source to light the front of your model: this could either be a diffused flash or a reflector. As ...

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