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One of the downsides of this type of bridge camera for capturing action is the lack of a viewfinder. By "viewfinder" I mean something that bring up close to your face to see the image with one eye - this could be either optical (traditional SLR mirror/prism) or electronic (EVF). It's much harder to keep up with action and frame it when you have to hold the ...


If you can get minimal depth of field (what you're referring to as 'bokeh effect'), then almost certainly the camera's AF system isn't capable of focusing fast enough on a moving player to achieve that effect while still having good focus. Many DSLRs even struggle with that. However, its unlikely given the size of the sensor and relatively slow aperture ...


Maybe. One of the problems with this comparison is that "DSLR" really covers a ginormous range of equipment. I just saw a refurbed Canon T3 with kit lens offered on sale for $300. Can a (good) bridge camera perform as well as that? In a lot of cases, yes. Many bridge cameras have (reasonably) fast lenses and great reach -- both important in sports ...

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