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You're mixing up some terminology here, so starting with vocabulary, a "wide angle lens" is one that can go wide and give a you a very large field of view--a lens that takes in the scene. What "25mm wide angle" means is that when you're zoomed all the way out, the field of view you have is equivalent to what a 25mm lens would see on a 35mm film camera. ...


What you basically want to looking for in the specs are the macro capabilities of the camera. A bridge camera may or may not be your best choice, here, particularly if you want to handhold the camera for the shots. Bridge cameras (the ones that look like dSLRs and are typically marketed by how big the zoom factor is), tend to trade off reach for low light ...


For shooting small models, the most important thing is going to be the magnification of the camera. Magnification relates to how large it is possible to make something small appear in a photo. It is related to the sensor size, the focal length and the minimum focus distance (the minimum distance at which the camera can focus). Both cameras have roughly ...

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