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Arrangement of optical elements, level of correction for abberations such as Secondary Color / Chromatic Abberation and Spherical Abberation, shape of the aperture diaphram, a narrower-than-ideal lens barrel which partially occludes the exit pupil, as inkista says your chosen aperture and shooting distance. There are any number of factors which determine the ...


For the most part, there is no way to predetermine the quality of a lens's bokeh simply by looking at its construction, and even if you look at sample images you may be flummoxed, because the quality of the bokeh can change with the aperture setting as well as with the subject and background distances. For example, the whole "number of blades" thing where ...


Lens Bokeh can be very subjective. Some reviewers do give examples. The best way to determine what to expect from a lens is to look at test photos either online, or from your own camera as you test the lens.

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