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Not everyone wants to hear it, but the classic rule of thumb for proper perspective on portraits (so noses don't appear enlarged, etc) has always been to stand back 6 or 8 feet or more, and then zoom in as desired for framing. So for waist up or head and shoulders or head shots, 50 mm will be too short to allow that proper distance. Standing too close ...


Keep in mind that Bokeh is not a result of the focal length but a result of the DOF, so if your kit lens is f3.5 and the 50mm is f1.8, then yes, I'd recommend getting the 50mm for bokeh. It's also worth nothing that prime lenses often have higher image quality and less distortion. Personally, I shoot almost exclusively with a 55mm f1.8, and occasionally ...


APS-C crops and makes your focal length effectively 60% longer. 50mm becomes 80mm, which is often too long for full-body of even one person. You would want 24mm or 35mm, among the ones you listed.


On this site we normally do not recomend any product. That is offtopic here. I will just give you a basic guideline. The shorter the focal length the less bokeh you get. With some wide angle lenses you can focus almost from 1 mt to infinity. The longer the focal length, better bokeh and more peasing portrait look. Normally between 50-100mm but, as you ...

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