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Good or bad bokeh is in the eye of the beholder. Michael Clark thinks the highlights have to be round, usually meaning a fully open aperture, but I don't agree. I don't mind 7-gon or 9-gon highlights, though round one do look nicer. An aspect of bokeh which bothers me more than the general shape is the light distribution. For me the best bokeh is when the ...


In general "high quality" bokeh is viewed by most photographers as out of focus areas that are smooth rather than harsh. Most lenses that produce smooth bokeh also produce out-of-focus highlights that are round rather than an equiangular regular convex polygon. Since lenses that produce round out of focus highlights with soft edges also tend to produce ...


High quality is when it fits the vision and intent of the photographer and it enhances the aesthetics of the image. Bad quality is when it subtracts from the overall quality/aesthetics of the photo and for technical reasons does not match the photographer's intent. In general, the intent of bokeh is to make a smooth background against a sharp foreground. ...


This is known in the field of image processing as "depth from defocus". What you are suggesting is possible to a degree, the results will never be the same as you'd get (especially if you use Gaussian blur rather than lens blur!) but it will simulate a certain amount of There are various techniques to achieve depth from defocus, it's a bit more involved ...


Alien Skin had a Bokeh plugin for Photoshop that handled the subtle fogging of defocussed hi-lights - photoshop CS6/CC now has what looks like the same function and system in Field Blur - the key is to have some scattered highlight points in your image

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