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Aperture Aperture Aperture To get that exact shot, with the same perspective and framing but with shallower depth of field, your only option is to use a wider aperture. Since you took it at maximum aperture on that lens, you'd need a different lens whose zoom range covers 62mm with a wider aperture. Alternatively a wider lens (e.g. 50 or 55mm prime, f1.8 ...


Photoshop: "select in focus", a fairly new feature. (Optional step: grow selection and feather the edge 2 px.) Invert Selection. Apply blur filter, or other creative background effects not limited to lens bokah. Personally, the background is great. Mostly bare but a couple mood-setting items. Just paint out the stick coming out of his shoulder. Perhaps ...


Although going with a longer lens would give the illusion of a shallower depth of field, it doesn't actually change in a situation like the one you propose. I created ƒ/Calc to help photographers work out the answers to problems of this sort. As far as I'm aware, it is the only photographer's calculator that incorporates several different calculators into a ...


Okay, so, really, two aspects here. First, would an 85mm lens let you blur the background more? Probably, because the framing for a longer focal length decreases the apparent depth of field, and because there are reasonably-priced and readily available 85mm prime lenses with wide apertures and generally nice technical image quality . But it's not a ...


How can I know how many meters is in focus area? Lens markings In the days when cameras and lenses had manual controls, lenses used to have a handy guide to depth of focus ... At f32 everything from ~1.3 to ~7m should be in focus. Stop-down preview Most cameras display a viewfinder (or LCD) image of the scene at the maximum aperture so that what ...


There's only one plane of focus. Things further away or closer to the camera are out of focus. However, objects close to that plane of focus are not as blurry as objects far away from it. What you can do is to define a threshold of blurriness for yourself and thus derive an area around the plane of focus to be acceptable for you as "close enough to being in ...


I don't have any link but I'm an sony A7 user and if you have it try to experiment at the highest speed (1/8000) with and whitout the first electronic curtain shutter. if your picture has bokeh you'll the shape modified by this factor. It may depends on the electronic speed of reading/writing. From 1/1000 to 1/8000 there is a clear effect, the faster the ...

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