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With a tested Minimum Focus Distance (MFD) of 16.81 inches at 270mm and a Maximum Magnification (MM) of 0.26x, or approximately 1:4, you can't really do Macro photography with that lens. And since it is already slow at f/6.3 at 270mm, the minimal gain you would get in terms of MM by adding extension tubes would make the lens too dark to be very useful.


There probably won't be a macro facility to 'activate' - the 'Macro' designation just means the lens can focus very close to your subject. If you are using the lens at the closest range available on the focusing scale (probably using the longer end of the zoom range at the same time) then you can safely claim to be practising macro photography. There is no ...


I collect old cameras and have used various cheap methods to cover up scuffs and fill in small dings. These have ranged from Simple Markers as suggested by yourself to using car touch up paint. Several coats of that stuff often fills in very well and gives a good finish. Another way that I have used, and quite possibly the best results, was Epoxy Based ...


These days with DSLRS the stated figure is the field of view coverage (horizontal, vertical, diagonal it doesn't matter). If it were referring to the area, then 95% area coverage would be 97.5% FOV, and I'm sure manufacturers would state the larger number!


Every improved feature is a a reason to upgrade for someone. There are plenty which come to mind but it depends on where you are starting from and your photography: If my camera did not have a 100% coverage viewfinder, it would be the first reason to upgrade. A weather-sealed body and matching lenses is essential for some environments. I don't control the ...


I'll add that workflow enhancements are nice. The 7D has a joystick, but the 70D has an 8-way dial that has the wheel and OK button built in. I found that I would fat-finger the button/wheel when using the dial and that wasn't fun. When I initially upgraded to the 60D one of the features I wanted was to be able to reverse the direction of the wheel's ...


I think you've identified features that people upgrade to a new camera for, not the reasons people upgrade. You don't upgrade to get a faster AF system, you upgrade to be able to catch focus on the basketball player running by you, for example. You need to identify what you want to do and how your current camera is limiting you (and be sure that this is a ...

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