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It is the lens that takes the picture, not the camera body. All that the body does is open and close the shutter to let in the light from the lens. You can have the best and most expensive camera body in the world, if you put a cheap lens on it the result will be a poor picture quality. Conversely, if you put a high quality lens on a cheap camera body, as ...


Im coming from a 30 year pro photographer background and I have this sort of conversation all the time with friends. Back in film days most camera systems had a lens in their line up that was worth owning and so i would buy the lens because it would give the look i was after and the body just to hold the film .Examples are Hasselblad 110 f2 , pentax 165mm ...


No, it works the other way around. The main measure to know is the flange distance. This is the distance between the mount and sensor on a camera. Lenses for a particular mount are designed for exactly that distance. If a lens would be mounted with the wrong flange distance it would not be able to achieve focus for more than a very short distance, usually a ...

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