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I would say you certainly don't need TWO 70-300mm lenses. I The 55-200 is half the weight of the 70-300, so might be worth keeping (and the 55-70 range would be useful too - but if you only had 18-55 and 70-300, the "gap" is nothing to really worry about) The Sigma 70-300 isn't a true (1:1) macro, but if you're happy with it as a macro lens then keep it, ...


You have three telephoto zoom lenses, which to me looks like two too many. But I think that it depends on you, and you should know which of the three you don't need.


You don't necessarily need a $2000+ camera. As you said, the photographer is the most important part, however good cameras make life a whole lot easier and allow shooting in situations you otherwise couldn't. Particularly for low light, having full frame makes a big difference. Additionally, higher end cameras give more direct access to controls to make ...

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