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On non-G type AF lenses and AIS lenses (lenses with an aperture ring), there is a tab on the aperture ring that will engage with the tab you are describing when the aperture is set to its minimum (largest f-number). Without that, Auto, Program and Shutter-priority won't work properly (and you will see an error instead of an aperture value on the display in ...


I'm gonna agree with all the answers before. Technicly it's possible to capture images without a lens but they're gonna be so blurry cause you can't control how to light hits the sensor. My addition to the previous answers here is that you should not even try to take a picture without a lens installed. If you do so, the sensor will be exposed to any kind ...


I would buy the body and rent lenses as I needed them, but it is really about your preference and intended uses. The D7100 is a much better camera than the D3100. I stopped buying lenses because they are so expensive and oftentimes, you need some choices. That's where rentals can save you from breaking the bank. You can rent a $1500 lens for a weekend for ...


Yes, you do need a lens. But for starting out, a simple, cheap one will do - and there is a healthy market for used lenses. The best choices would be either a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens, often called "nifty fifty" because for technical reasons it is a very simple lens design that can be made very cheaply while still providing great quality. As a prime lens ...


Yes, it's possible to capture some kind of images without a lens, but it's not useful. It's like a bike without tires. It's possible to use it to transport yourself some distance, but it's not anything that you would call riding a bike.


A body can capture an image without a lens, but it will only most likely be shades of black/grey/white (depending of light source available and shutter speed). No lens = no focal length = no "mm" EDIT: The reason why there are 'body-only' cameras are because camera bodies (and lesnes) get upgraded. So, if you have a lens that you really like, you can use ...


You need a lens. It's probably possible to persuade the camera to expose the sensor without a lens on it, but nothing would be in any sort of focus whatsoever. As an aside, if you're asking this kind of basic question about cameras, I'd question whether a full-frame SLR like the D750 is the right choice. You'll end up spending a lot more on your equipment ...

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