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De-focus (or blur, or low-pass) filtering can be accomplished in a single application of Gaussian blur by adjusting the radius parameter to the desired amount of blur. The final file size will be determined by the image dimensions and the degree of detail. You can resize ("scale" in GIMP) the image to the size you want to use first, which will then make the ...


To create this affect, two operations need to be performed. First, the blurred background -- blur the image, masking out the front of the head. Secondly, the skin needs to be smoothed -- blur the low spatial frequencies. This article explains how to do this in GIMP.


First, I can't emphasize enough that the look you are trying to achieve was not a Photoshop effect; it's the result of shooting a model in a tank (or pool or tub or what have you) of water to which something was added to make the water cloudy. Reproducing the look in post-processing is going to be a little on the tedious side, but this should get you ...


This is almost certainly manually masked/brushed. I would suggest a tablet such as Wacom as you maybe spending hours doing this; make a copy of the image blur it then bring back the wanted detail by carefully masking the blurred layer adjusting the brush transparency as needed.


There are many ways to create any effect in Photoshop so there is no way of knowing what he did exactly but if you want to create a similar effect without the use of plugins, you can first use the smudge tool to soften it a bit. Then add a touch of "noise" so it doesn't look 'too photoshoped', then duplicate the layer and add a vignette shaped mask to it but ...

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