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I would go with "motion blur trails", or "motion blur light trails". Light trails in general are the lines produced when an object moves during a long exposure — see How to shoot light trail photos with iPhone? and also When should you use a normal flash vs a second-curtain flash? In this case, of course, the object that moves is the camera, which from a ...


They are more of light trails than bokeh.


These are light trails, produced due to long exposure during motion of light.


Would this be considered bokeh or does a term even exist for this? I agree with Romeo Ninov's comment: this is plain old motion blur. You could call it "light trails" to make it clear that it's something you're doing on purpose, but photos of light trails are generally created by having the lights move rather than the camera. Bokeh refers to the way ...


The high pass filter is not something that can generate a mask of the skin tones within an image, hence why you wouldn't see much success trying to use it for this purpose. One possible solution would be to use PhotoShops Select → Color Range... option. I think in CS6 onwards there's an option in the Select drop-down box of "Skin Tones" This can be used ...


What I usually do (in GIMP), but is maybe overkill, is to duplicate the layer, apply a gaussian blur and then use transparency masks to limit the blur to the interested area. You can use the same trick with any other filter, like the mosaic; or you can also get creative and use some other effect, like white noise. You can achieve more or less the same ...

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