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There are a couple options offered by the photo hosting/gallery sites that allow for embedding of images within WordPress blog posts. Photoshelter provides high-end (but very functional) photo/gallery hosting. They offer the ability to automatically watermark images. Photoshelter has a WordPress plugin that allows one to search/browse through their ...


I host my images on Flickr, and use the Flickr Photo Album plugin to display them on my site. The plugin can be used to display gallery pages and individual photos, and load Flickr photos in an individual post or page. It's quite configurable, and comes with a load of templates.


Wordpress is probably going to be the standard blogging service that is the most widely recommended. It is very scalable and gives options specific to photos if that is what you are interested in. You have two basic options when you choose Wordpress, one is to have wordpress.com host your website and content, another is two download it from wordpress.org and ...


I recommend Tumblr. It isn't limited to posting only photos, and you can purchase additional themes (there are also free ones). It's also possible to link your own domain to it (like www.myphotography.com) instead of the standard name.tumblr.com. The Tumblr hosting is free, and it's very easy to use, but it doesn't include space for your photos. You'll ...


http://500px.com/ - Is a newer, more professional oriented photo site (similar in some ways to flickr). It has a blogging and networking component to it. The blog posts allow to upload photos to the posts as well as tags and geo-tags. I was quite pleased with it, as well as the quality of photographers frequenting the site. It also gives you a unique, but ...


I use NextGen Gallery for uploading and displaying photos with wordpress. It also has the functionality to add custom watermarks from text or from an uploaded image. It has a built in slideshow and can manage resizing/cropping once images have been uploaded. If you do a search for NextGen Gallery in the wordpress you will also find that it is well supported ...


I can only answer as a "serious enthusiast". I don't necessarily speak for "most photographers"...or any photographers, for that matter. The things that were important to me were: lots and lots of storage (unlimited) create albums/galleries as I please controlled access (password-protected) areas for my clients who want to view photos but don't want them ...


I created a glue script which implements almost all of my desired workflow. The only missing part is that I have to bring up the Blogger draft post manually, but that's no big deal. The script is listed on my software page as "bibbleblog" and here's the direct link. Feel free to modify and redistribute (BSD 3-clause license). It's a Python program of about ...

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