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JPEG2000, and you may also want to look at OpenEXR because it is supported by video hardware.


The maximum dynamic range of a linear 8-bit encoding is only 8 stops, however the dynamic range you can store with a nonlinear encoding is limitless. Thus I would suggest you apply a strong tonecurve to the images and then you can use standard JPEG without losing dynamic range. When you want to use the original images, convert them to 16-bit and apply the ...


It sounds like what you're looking for is JPEG2000. It has a range of options including a 16-bit lossy compression and better compression ratios than JPEG. It hasn't been as widely adopted as hoped (for a host of reasons) and may have some patent issues that might make it difficult to use in certain situations but otherwise it fits your needs. Personally ...


Although I use Lightroom and Photoshop, I am sure that my preferred method of sharpening can be applied in GIMP The best way I have found to achieve that Sharp and Contrasty Black and White look is through an initial tonal adjustment and then a High Pass Filter. First step is to gain the maximum range of tones. Can be done with Sliders or Curves. ...


Unsharp Mask will increase contrast, but it works by exaggerating local differences. You probably do want to use Unsharp Mask in the processing of an image like this to increase the amount of contouring, but it's not the best way to go about fixing the major tonal issue. You can't really say that there isn't enough total contrast in the image, since you ...


I have personal experience doing this with a few developers, most recently Ilfosol-3 and Ilfotec HC.I would use the HC as a single-shot developer if you are pushing, perhaps you could squeeze out two uses. In experimenting with reusing single-shot Ilfosol, I noticed similar results with reusing HC that had been involved in push processing. Neither of those ...

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