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India Point Park
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It baffled me for years too. Quite simply, the average amount of light reflected off objects around us is 18%. Some things are darker, some things are brighter. But 18% is average. Our eyes will perceive this average reflectance as the midtone to the highlights and shadows around us. Some other people have used maths and graphs to explain the difference ...


Start with a big window on the right side for a large, natural light source. Have a black sheet or similar on the side of the model away from the lights to kill all reflections, as there is no lighting on the model's left side. Use a fast lens, as DOF is pretty shallow. Experiment & practice.


I would like to know how to get this particular effect in photoshop. Images such as the example in this question aren't primarily about the post processing - they're about lighting the scene to get the look you want when shooting it. There are no real post processing "tricks" to take a high key portrait and make it look like a well lit low key portrait. ...

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