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I think that saturated would work best if you're willing to work with channels (blends, curves) and not just leave it to PS's tool. Why? if you're working with channels, saturated colors will maximize the difference between red, green, and blue, as well as maximizing contrast within each channel. This gives you much more freedom and ability to manipulate the ...


About the colors - It doesn't really matter, it all depends on your color to black and white conversion. I guess green or blue cloths will be easiest to manipulate (see below) because those colors have their own slider and they don't appear in skin tones. About the patterns - I don't know. Your camera's sensor only records color images, conversion to ...


Excellent question. But I think you are taking the stick by the other side. First of all you need to know how to work with White Balance. The understanding of (informal called) "grey17" and how it works with light working is needed to archieve this, because you don't have to think in colours, instead tones. Red and blue are equal. Or not, if you change the ...


One way you might use clothing colours is to place emphasis on certain parts of the photo. For example if you were taking a portrait shot, a shirt of a slightly darker colour to their skin tone could help to pronounce the face. I can't say much for patterns, I have always preferred a more plain look in portraits as I think otherwise they can provide a lot ...

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