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Photoshop black and white option is the best method to convert a color image to black and white. This tool have the capability of define each color to convert either black ,white or grey.. Light room also have many presets to covert an image to black and white. also many presets are available online


It is not the foreground that is dark, it is the background that is brighter than the subject. You must simply take a photo with light illuminating the background much more than the subject. There are two ways: Point a light at the background, placing it behind your subject. Place a light behind a translucent background.


In the comments you reveal you're looking for a high key look. No image processor will do that for you. To get a great high (or low) key image you need a great high(/low) key subject, color and light wise. Besides that you're exposure also needs to be spot on. Not to loose those details. If these requirements are met you can even get great high key b&w ...


In light room it very simple to do a batch process, all you have to do is to shift select all the images imported with the image you have applied the editing. Then press sync button on the bottom of the editing panel ,it will ask what modifications you have to synchronize. Check the desired modifications and apply.

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