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Bibble Pro impressed me in many ways. I evaluated it, along with 5 other software early last year, giving them a catalog of 18000 and working with them over a 3 month period. The only two that were outstanding were Lightroom and Bibble Pro. Bibble Pro is considerably faster and with their search interface is it easier to create powerful searches. You can ...


Unfortunately there's currently no 'painless/seamless/automated' way to make the switch and you will not be able to pull your files over with edits intact. Your best bet will be to export anything you've made adjustments to as a 16 bit TIFF and then import them into your new chosen application. By keywording the files (with the keywords Adjusted, or ...


One idea: it should be possible to send images to Blogger with email, now the question remains if Bibble supports email output (ie Picasa does).


According to this documentation, "Bibble 5 Lite offers sRGB and ProPhotoRGB (the working space), while Bibble 5 Pro offers a broad selection of color profiles." It's under Additional Image Settings in the output settings for the queue.


According to the Bibble website Bibble 5 supprts XMP files, if you set Lightroom to write changes to the XMP files that go next to the NEF files the changes should be in there.


RawTherapee can do this (and can handle not only raw files, despite the name). I don't know if it can integrate into Bibble but I doubt it. See here for the manual. There are three possible ways, one in the "raw" tab, one in "change/manipulate/transform" tab (fourth tab, I don't know the English name), and one in the "detail" tab (second tab). The last one ...


The tool you are looking for in any of the applications you might use is called Chromatic Aberration Correction and is usually one of several options in a Lens Correction section/tab of the program. Do any of the applications you are using include a Lens Correction module? You might also find the answers to other questions tagged with chromatic aberration ...


I created a glue script which implements almost all of my desired workflow. The only missing part is that I have to bring up the Blogger draft post manually, but that's no big deal. The script is listed on my software page as "bibbleblog" and here's the direct link. Feel free to modify and redistribute (BSD 3-clause license). It's a Python program of about ...

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