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Just me, but for birding, if that includes bird-in-flight photography, take a look at Canon as well as Nikon. Particularly if you can only afford an entry-level body. Because Nikon's D3xxx and D5xxx bodies will only autofocus with an AF-S lens. And you'll probably want at least 400mm if you're shooting birds. Now price out the Nikkor AF-S 80-400 VR, and ...


It will be impossible to get this kind of zoom range using a single lens on an SLR. On a APS-C SLR like the D5200 you will be able to cover the range with 2 lenses. There are a number of options for zoom lenses in the 1x-2xx mm range ($200-$400)and there are at least 2 options available for 150-600mm which would cover you for the wildlife photography. The ...


The Nikon P510 is what usually is referred to as a bridge camera. That is a camera somewhere in between a point-and-shoot and a DSLR. It has got a zoom lens, but the term zoom does not mean that you will get a narrow angle of view (close to the subject). It means that you can adjust the focal length of the lens and therefore the angle of view (how close or ...

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