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there is one more thing to add: it also depends on the lenses you attach to it. I own a D40 and put a Nikkor DX AF-S 35mm 1.8 on it and it works marvelously. IMHO, Nikon D40 is everything a beginner could dream of. I know the answer comes too late...


Yes, of course you can take pictures with them. Will the pictures be as good as a professional would get more expensive lenses? No - but then a beginner won't get as good photos even if they're given the best lenses in the world. If you don't know what settings to use, your best bet is almost certainly to use either full auto or program mode and let the ...


Thank you for your suggestions and opinions, everyone! I called a few photographers in my area and decided to charge $200 for three hours at this small outdoor event, including edits and a DVD. I chose this amount because it's about a hundred dollars cheaper than the professionals, which takes into account: I'm new, don't have an assistant, and the client is ...


I would suggest that you do not charge anything at all to the potential client because the instant you take money for a shoot, the relationship between you and your friend changes. They become your client proper and their expectation is that you will deliver everything they request. The pressure on you is to deliver and that may cause you to make an error. ...


Some people have asked me to suggest them a DSLR for taking photographs of their family and day to day life. These people are not interested in learning photography. It seems they are under an impression that a DSLR will automatically take great photographs. I'm going to go against the flow and disagree with many here in that I see absolutely no ...

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