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shined a light to focus on foreground beforehand If you focused on the foreground then the most likely explanation is that the stars are blurry because they are out of focus, at f/4 the depth of field is not sufficient to contain both the foreground and the stars (which are effectively at "infinity" or as far away as you can get). I would recommend you ...


They are not the same lens. The older ED II has no VR (Vibration Reduction). The newer 18-55 VR II is so new a lot of the well know and well respected online reviewers haven't tested it yet, so it is hard to compare optical quality between the two. I would be very surprised, though, if the newer lens wasn't more than marginally better than the older one. And ...


See also: What should I look for when shopping for my first DSLR? Here are the questions I think you need to ask yourself before buying any new camera. What's my budget? The amount of money you can spend on camera gear will probably be the biggest limitation on getting any specific camera. It will sway your decision on whether or not you would prefer ...

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