Time to be with your loved ones

Time to be with loved ones

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(This question is being migrated to the meta site, so I'm answering as if this is already there.) You will need 11 reputation to participate in the contest, because that is the threshold at which you can post images. That is a fairly low bar — you just need two upvotes on a question or one upvotes on an answer. The contest is really meant for people who are ...


First ask the lecturer/course co-ordinator! After that, assuming your course suggests/requires a DSLR: I'd recommmend that you physically handle the various options and find something that feels good to you (comfortable etc.) Don't spend too much money on a camera body and neglect the lenses, rather spend more on good lenses than the body. You may ...


Buy the most expensive Canon DSLR you can afford. Although Canon's are not suitable for professional use, they do have two distinct advantages over other brands for newcomers: They are simple to use (and there is vast troubleshooting literature on the internet) and They are are relatively inexpensive and tend to provide a good "bang for your buck". On ...

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