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From the abstract of this article Color filter array for CCD and CMOS image sensors using a chemically amplified thermally cured pre-dyed positive-tone photoresist for 365-nm lithography Diazonaphthoquinone-novolak photoresist is used to produce these filters by successively depositing and patterning each color layer. My understanding of this quote ...


There are various alternative colour systems that have been tried in the past but ultimately it comes back to Bayer being 'good enough' and other technologies not panning out. The 'dual pixel' design from the early Fuji DSLRs springs immediately to mind as being a great idea which ultimately didn't deliver enough benefit (although the dynamic range was ...


Due to overlap between the responses of the Bayer filter dyes it's closer to 50% light loss (one stop) than two thirds. Your scheme would work but at the expense of colour accuracy and colour resolution (the demosaicing process would be less constrained and more error prone). Combined with the fact the sensitivity gain is rather modest (up to 25% depending ...

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