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DSLRs are old technology that's why they don't have a technology to charge using USB cable.


Metz 64 is using the same V58-50 cable as 58 AF-2 and AF-1. You can use Quantum MKZ3, and something like their Battery 1.


It's okay. I do it all the time. Just check if it turns on every day.


Out of all the answers I've seen on the internet I am boggled why no one has recommended a hand-held light meter. I've been using manual cameras for so long I seldom use my in-camera meter anyway. The only time I reach for my handheld meter is at night for long exposures. For creative night scenes you have to figure out the exposure yourself and bracket ...


To make things a little more clear you can see this tiny screw when the rubber covers for USB and MIC are removed. It is the screw slightly left of center inside below the rubber covers. The battery slips out easily using a large screw driver on the bottom of the camera to push or twist the notch for the slide tray which is located on the bottom of the ...


You can only buy two battery camera groups for the Canon 6D. Have a look at the Canon BG-E13. This let's you use two batteries which effectively doubles the battery life of your camera. You can also buy a mains adapter for the 6D which substitutes the battery. If you want to try a DIY option you could combine the Battery adapter part of the 6D mains ...


It seems that your rechargeable batteries are dead. In general, as you have already found, low discharge batteries such as the eneloop batteries are the more appropriate for a camera. Your Nikon L26 accepts 2 x AA (Alkaline, NiMH or Lithium), so I would use "low-discharge" AA rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 2000 mAh or higher. You have two ...

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