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An unplugged charger may, or may not, discharge the battery if it isn't plugged in to the wall. Depends entirely on the charger's circuitry and may change without notice, even if it's exactly the same model of charger (the model number guarantees it will charge the battery. It doesn't guarantee how it charges the battery) However, if your battery is ...


It should not cause any damage, just the battery will be slightly depleted if left for extended periods of time.


This is a general answer rather than specific to the D200. If possible obtain another battery that works OK in another camera. Also, if possible, it may help to have access to a D200 that does not have this problem. Try the 4 possible combinations of G (good) and F (faulty) for body and battery (GG GF FG FF), see how they compare and try to see what ...


If your camera is exhibiting behavior other than what you should expect it to do under certain conditions and selected settings then your 7D needs to take a trip to the nearest Canon service center.


After some experimentation with my own K1000, I'm confident that it does not use the battery for the flash. The camera's manual doesn't outright say this, but it does only mention the light meter when it talks about the battery. Wikipedia agrees. The evidence that convinced me, though, was reading up on the X sync method, realizing that it is just a ...


The K1000 needs darkness in order to turn off the meter. Changing the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture will just change what the meter is looking for to balance the needle. The circuit that controls whether or not the meter gets power is controlled by a light-sensor that watches for light on the focussing screen. If sufficient light is present (EV2 @ ...


7D owners, I hope this fixes your problem, don't waste your time resetting the camera, wiping battery contacts, putting it in the freezer, etc. I didn't mention in posts on other forums, I've been an instrument technician for more than 40 years and don't have a problem going into the camera and making the repairs, I've done so on other Canon cameras and ...

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