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Yes, that is normal, and a correct description. The recessed pin is for safety, to keep out unapproved connections. Be aware that there is about 325 volts on this cable. It does not just attach a battery as such, but attaches a battery powered high voltage converter, which directly charges the flash capacitor.


I'm using rechargable batteries and I have three sets. I have not needed to change the first one in an event with like 300–400 photos at 1/2–1/4 power. The recharge time is very fast. One thing you need to pay attention to: the four-battery set that was included with my recharger was only 1600 mAh And those four did not work with any flash (I'm ...


You answered your own question. About 125-140 sounds right. The live view is your biggest drain, so the longer it's on between shots, the less shots you'll get. I don't use Live View, and have Image Review turned off, and I always carry a spare battery. I shoot all day and often have to change batteries, but never use up the second. Matt is right, if you ...

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