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Not a very scientific answer, I have had my Nikon D40X battery run for some time now, i think i got this camera when it was launched and still use the stock battery. I have experienced that during cold weather battery drain is faster and in warm it stands up much longer. Also, I believe in deep cycling the batteries. I feel they last a little longer when ...


Is this measured chronologically? (In years, for example) or in cycles? Both, I think. At least they're both factors, but I don't think it's possible to reliably predict the useful lifetime. Batteries age whether you use them or just let them sit on the shelf, but they age faster if you put them through a lot of charge/discharge cycles. I'm no expert, but ...


I've still got several batteries for my 350D, including the one that came with the camera. So that's 10 years, but the capacity isn't what it used to be on any of them. The others weren't original Canon but cheap equivalents, of which two have completely died and at least 2 survived. (I had enough batteries to shoot all day for a week with no reliable power)....


Blow some compressed air into the memory card slot, mostly it happens because of dust inside the memory slot. I hope it will work for you guys :) all the best!!


The battery charger that comes with your camera indicates when the battery is fully charged. After this point is reached, it will stop charging the battery, so leaving the battery in the charger any longer than this will have no effect. My recommendation is to simply charge the battery until the charger indicates that it is fully charged before using it for ...


In general I'd recommend charging the battery fully before 'playing'. However this probably isn't necessary with modern lithium ion batteries, which don't suffer from memory effects. The idea of battery memory and long first charges is a hangover from the day's of NiCd batteries. When in doubt though read the manual.

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