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I do agree with chuqui about the dangers of aftermarket batteries and the validity of his/her comments but I do have an issue paying substantially more for a brand name product because it has "Sony" slapped on the side of it. What I would recommend doing (and what I do) is finding a reputable 3rd party manufacturer. I would recommend you looking into a ...


The general answer is yes, but there's a caveat. There are a lot of cheap knockoff chargers sold in the global markets. Studies in the phone and laptop markets show the dangers, where occasionally something catches on fire and injures someone, and in almost all cases is tracked back to some really cheap charger. The same is true with cameras. A lot of ...


In my testing, NO. I used a 60-second interval (see video) and the battery lasted 136 minutes, and I have repeated this test a few times. Your best bet is to do what I did and buy the battery charger, which will charge a battery before the other one runs out. Then, during your interval at some point, change the battery and re-start the time-lapse. You can do ...


Normally yes, because the bigger energy consumption is during the the time of taking photo. But the function is not linear because the component of camera consume some energy even if they do nothing. So do not expect for 10 sec interval to have battery for 25 hours


There is a short/leak somewhere in your camera's circuitry. I had this problem with a digicam once: the power button itself was allowing enough current to leak through when off that it would get warm to the touch. The expedient solution is to only put the battery in when you're shooting.


Canon offers an AC adapter for the T5i the AC Adapter Kit ACK-E8, it is a power supply and a blank / dummy battery that goes in the regular battery chamber. The dummy battery has a common connector on the base that the AC kit plugs in to. If the voltage of your external battery pack is ok then this might be the simplest way to power your camera from your ...

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