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Just wanted to add to this thread in case my solution can help anyone else. I just had a similar issue, occasionally got an Error 80 when powering up. I would get no display with any of my cards in, but if I took the card out my display would start up again, but obviously I couldn't take any photos. As soon as I put a card in, the display wouldn't work ...


No sadly it isn't. I had a 40D and sold it when I upgraded it to the 60D. Strange how it still doesn't feel like an upgrade lol :)


No, it will not charge the battery. USB Voltage is 5V and the camera battery is ~7.4. They would have had to include a buck boost converter and other circuity in the camera just to allow for USB charging. However, the D90 does have the DC IN jack on the side. In the future, you'd be able to use an EH-5a AC Adapter to power/charge your camera. Of ...


I have been storing my spare battery in the unplugged charger for the last 6 months and yes there was depletion of the charge ( 5% per month). I would have to do an experiment to find out if there was less depletion by storing it out of the charger. I never thought about whether it was safe or not until you asked the question. I have not had a problem with ...


Rather than supply links, which may or may not stay around for some time, I would suggest considering that many photographers use studio lighting in remote settings without a readily available electrical outlets. While some are really big budget and may bring generators, many just use battery packs for their lights. So, some lighting makers, such as Paul C. ...


If you don't recharge your Ni-Cd battery for a long period of time than your battery voltage becomes 0 and it will never be recharged again. You can follow the steps to check your battery, Charge your not working battery for 5-6 hours with working charger and try to measure output voltage with voltmeter. You can go to near by electronic repair shop also ...


An unplugged charger may, or may not, discharge the battery if it isn't plugged in to the wall. Depends entirely on the charger's circuitry and may change without notice, even if it's exactly the same model of charger (the model number guarantees it will charge the battery. It doesn't guarantee how it charges the battery) However, if your battery is ...

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