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SD cards are very safe when stored in their original plastic container at room temperature in a dry place. The same is generally true of Lithium Ion batteries. Protecting the metal contacts on the SD card and battery will prevent the majority of damage to either device, either through corrosion, physical damage, or electrical short. Storing the memory card ...


I dont know if you count mirrorless in this area. My Sony NEX-5T can be charged by any android phone charger as well as USB when connected with computer. If has external charger too if someone prefers that. So its best of two worlds.


There are none. While there is an increasing minority of cameras that charge via USB, this is thankfully not the case for most cameras. Internal charging is annoying because you cannot use the camera and charge the battery at the same time, at least not further than a few feet away from a USB port. Many seriously high-end cameras even come with charger than ...


It is not nearly true that "almost all non-DSLR cameras can recharge the battery inside the camera via USB". In fact, I think it's the exception, rather than the rule. In any case, I don't think you'll find that for a DSLR. For a compact camera that you might throw in a bag or keep in your pocket while traveling, it makes sense to not have to deal with an ...


Choosing a portable camera-battery charger. These answers apply choosing aportable charger for any camera: 5V USB input would be useful for portable use. 12V input to allow operation from either a car power socket or mains to 12 VDC plug pack would be useful. If it has AC mains input capability then allowing "universal" operation from any AC mains ...


Yes, the generic one has more capacity, if these specs are correct. It delivers a fractionally higher voltage though, not sure if this could cause problems.

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