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You can actually charge any battery with a cut open USB cord, it shouldn't harm your battery as the charging current us far below the charger the camera actually uses (but no guarantee, so be careful). If you rally can't find any other option you can cut open your USB cord and find the black and the red wire inside it. Red is positive, black is negative, ...


Nowadays camera batteries are (almost) invariably LiIon (Lithium Ion). There may be a very few specialised exceptions. LiIon capacity falls as you approach 0 C - it's not that they discharge quickly as such, but that the capacity falls. LiIon is unlikely to suffer permanent damage under charge or discharge down to 5 degrees C. Discharge is safe down to ...


Perhaps a small power inverter and a solar panel would serve your needs. This would allow you to use your existing charger regardless of whether you have access to power or not


It doesn't discharge very quickly. Li-ion and other batteries actually increases the internal resistance and makes it discharge slowly. As for your question, while keeping the battery on low temperatures can decrease capacity for some times. I don't think that it'll permanently damage your pack. You'll just have to recharge it again in "room temperature". ...


From the description you've supplied it looks like your battery has failed and needs replacing. The easiest way to test it is to find someone who has another d5100 near you and try your battery in their charger / camera. The d5100 is a very popular body and it is likely that someone you know has one (or another camera that uses the same battery.) Li-ion ...


It will, because it enables the internal radio receiver for the trigger. How much it will drain depends on many factors, mostly on how much you're actually using the remote trigger itself. If you are not using it (the remote trigger) most of the time, the drain should be minimal, because the receiver it will enter a standby mode to save energy - although it ...

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