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The Yongnuo 560 IV has a 330v external power port but you have only two choices: 6v in the battery compartment or controlled 330v in the external power receptacle. Don't try to build your own external power source to plug into the external power receptacle. Your flash cable and 12v will not work. 330v in the external receptacle alone will also NOT power ...


You are on the wrong track here, lacking some basic info. For one thing, the YN560 IV has no port to use a high voltage power supply. Some flashes do, the YN565EX for example. And then 330 V DC is the right ballpark. The flash has regular AA batteries in it, which powers the electronics, and which (for the duration of the recycle) also powers a DC ...


The external power port bypasses the flash's internal DC-DC inverter. External power supplies have their own DC-DC inverter to create the flash voltage. So to say that the external port requires more than 6 V is an understatement. The external port requires upwards of 300 V. I would not recommend trying to use a non-photography-specific DC-DC boost ...

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