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I find it essential when using back button focus. Trying to hold the camera in portrait orientation and use the AF-ON button is very awkward. A battery grip normally has a duplicate AF-ON button in the correct place.


I think it is a must-have on entry level bodies if you are attaching pro zoom lenses, a large speedlight, or microphone. If not, the camera feels extremely off balance and is just hard to use. Some people say the extra weight is a problem, I disagree. I got a grip to make the camera bigger for my hands, have a button for portrait orientation shots, and have ...


It depends on how the battery grip is made. There are two factors to consider: Can one battery be removed without disconnecting the other? Some grips have a flap type door that opens to reveal both batteries sitting side-by-side and still maintaining a connection. If a grip is this type, can the access door be opened without tripping a shut-down switch? ...

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