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You can use ImageMagick to add text to photos, either overlaid on the photo or on a border. See the annotation section of the documentation for a number of examples. Because ImageMagick is a set of command line tools, you can easily incorporate it into batch processes using shell scripts and other scripting tools. Example: I've got a photo of some flowers, ...


You can easily do it with free Faststone Image Viewer. Select images, then go to Tools -> Batch Convert Selected Images, then click in Advanced Options and in tab Watermark or Text select the text you want to place on your photos (data from exif and/or your own text).


Try the free-to-try Lightroom Enfuse plugin. Place exposure alternatives in stacks, and the plugin can batch process them all in one go. Most of the time with perfect results. I usually also lower contrast a bit, and set blackpoint to -20.

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