Napioa - Wind Origins

Napioa - Wind Origins
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You have diferent issues here. Lets separate them. 1) You have a bright wall and dark people... It is the same case as if you have a bright window with people on an interior. Your options are limited. Use aditional ilumination, like firing a flash as fill light. If you are shooting from far away this could not work. But if you have permissions you can use ...


Your ways are: using any film to record images instead of digital technology using the camera with strong enough AA filter using the camera with surplus of resolution (medium format cameras, may be very expensive) using very tight aperture (big F number) so that image is blurred enough with diffraction for moire to disappear. 1,5x crop camera with F13 will ...


I have made a circular 8 bit gradient with sampled edge colour and center colour. This illustrates that it clearly is not the 8bit quantisation problem. I have also took a stare at the source, non-denoised image and I found posterisation there too! This posterisation is already there in first image, denoising only reveals it. There cannot be any ...

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