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Put them the safest place you can, but even the safest place is never "safe." Remember the Jacques Lowe case? Had extended exclusive access behind the scenes of the Kennedy administration. Put his treasure trove of negs in the toughest vault he could find. In the basement of the World Trade Center.


Well, it might not be the most elegant solution but I did it this way: copied all pictures from every source into a single device, even if they were duplicated for the pictures in the OS X photo app, I just copied them out of there using the console (the photo library is actually a folder) I used Photos Duplicate Cleaner, which I found for free in the app ...


I recently purchase mycloud from western digital. really fantastic to bring all stuff together. plugs right into the router. The whole family can access or limit as you choose. One thing I wish I had done is purchase little more expensive with self backup. Otherwise works great. Also it can be access from cell phone or computer(your). Really love it and it ...


A new option are wireless card reader / router / USB host combinations. They are usually about the size of a smartphone with own battery inside. The combination of such a device with a big USB stick is cheap and light enough to carry around all day. I use a Kingston MLW221 and a 64GB SanDisk Cruzer Fit stick which hides in the USB port. Less than 50€ and ...


Get multiple cards, so that you don't have to delete them. If you want a backup, in addition to multiple cards get a device like Nexto or HyperDrive with SSD drive inside. SSDs are worth the price here, they take less power and are shock resistant. They are lighter, too. Btw. it may be quite a bit cheaper if you get diskless device and buy the SSD on your ...

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