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by Lars Kotthoff

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I read an article by a snowboarding photographer. The answer was faster than software methods. A very potent and high cycling flash unit, assuming the background is too bright and too distant to be affected. Expose for the background adjusting for the total exposure time. Adjust flash power to brighten and freeze the subject. Keep the shutter open while the ...


There is a simple method to automate the process using Photoshop. It could be recorded as an action or scripted. Load all of the images into a stack and take the median of each pixel (there is a built in function to do this, might just be in Photoshop extended though). This should give you an image of just the background. Load up the first image and paste ...


Yes - I've done this twice, successfully using two separate software tools. The key was to use software tools that have image registration and alignment capabilities. There are quite a few available. The first tool I used, and probably the most flexible, was done using a Panoramic stitching tool, PTAssembler ( ...

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