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I actually think a DSLR will work. You can pick up an old canon 1d3, and its shutter last at least 300k. If you do 1000 pics a day it will last you 300 days. Shutter replacement is about $300. I have friends using this camera on its 3rd or 4th shutter without any other issues.


I remember reading this question when asked, but now something else stands out to me that I'm surprised I don't see mentioned: the volume of photos. At the same time it must be able to withstand a volume of thousands of pictures per day. Imagine a conveyor belt going through a properly lighted box with a camera hanging over it. For arguments sake, you ...


It sounds like one of Fuji's mirrorless models like the X-T1 would work for this application. Relevant features include: a widely-praised 16Mpx sensor excellent color fidelity selection of lenses support for tethered shooting, including a Lightroom plugin electronic shutter One caveat is that you can't use flash with the electronic shutter, but ...

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