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There is a simple method to automate the process using Photoshop. It could be recorded as an action or scripted. Load all of the images into a stack and take the median of each pixel (there is a built in function to do this, might just be in Photoshop extended though). This should give you an image of just the background. Load up the first image and paste ...


For your purpose — product photography for a webshop — I don't think you actually need very high color accuracy, as long as it's within a reasonable human tolerance. And, since you control the lighting (right?), for that, all you really need is consistency — something that will let you set a white balance manually, or shoot in RAW. Set up a color profile, ...


The Canon 1D X has a shutter durability rating of 400,000 shots. You just said "thousands of pictures per day". You could likely get 400,000 shots out of the body, and potentially even more. But once that threshold is passed and failure occurs, you of course don't have to throw away the camera. You might be able to get 100 days out of a 1D X shooting 3-4k ...

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