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I think he means the extra small dot that shows up in the box. This is able to be turned on by 1: making sure the small dot is enabled in the "Select AF area selec. mode" (just enable them all I say) 2: look into the viewfinder and press the + button with the box around it (to the right of the * button on back of camera) and then use the M-Fn button to ...


It seems like newer Tamrons have problems with the autofocus motor. My 70-200/f2.8 VC had the same symptoms and after a while it stopped focusing but was repaired through warranty. I hear similar stories about the new 24-70/f2.8 VC as well. First of all go back to your camera store and let them check it out and show you how it works. If there's a problem ...


The driven part of the AF coupling in the lens should be easy to turn for the entire travel. Most of the mechanical parts that make the AF happen are toward the front of the lens, so removing the lens mount and poking around isn't likely to net you anything. In your situation, I'd send it in if you can't get a refund. $200 for the lens plus $375 for Nikon ...


Are you sure you don't have the focus limiter switched on? It signals the lens that you want to focus either close, or at a distance, and prevents the lens from "hunting". If you turn off the focus limiter, the lens should focus from it's nearest point out to infinity. If you switch to manual focus, does it get sticky as you get to the 10m mark?


This is possible using Sony SLT technology. It would be possible with cameras that use the imaging-sensor to do autofocus, using on-chip Phase-Detect sensors. The reason this is not possible on most cameras is that during exposure the Phase-Detect sensor is out of the optical path. On a DSLR, the mirror goes up to expose the sensor and has to be down to let ...


I am assuming you are looking for this sort of an effect: photo from here Nikon D5000, 23.6mm sensor size, 50mm(equiv.) focal length, f/1.4 I have listed the specifics for the factors that affect the field of focus for a subject at a specific distance. Specifically they are the size of the sensor, the focal length and the aperture. None of the factors ...

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