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Most good telephoto zoom lenses have that same feature. As Rene points out, the switch is to make the minimum focus distance further away rather than closer. The reason you do this is to reduce the range of values that the camera needs to consider focusing on, thus making it quicker and easier for it to find focus. It does, however, mean that the lens ...


That lens has a switch that limits focus from 5m to infinity. The other setting (full) lets you focus from 1.4 m to infinity. There is no setting to focus between 1.4m and 5m only. You cannot focus on anything closer than 1.4 meter with that lens. Manual here: I use the 5m - ...


I had the same exact problem. I use a 70D, and it was focusing way too far front, ruining my shoots. I was about to take it apart and solder the points, when I realized that the camera has an AF microadjustment feature. It was focusing too far forward, so I set it to +17 (out of 20) and now the lens is sharp as a tack. Definitely try this first if your ...


It actually has to do with the fact the smaller sensors use lens with shorter focal length, the depth of field is a lot greater, hence a wider range of distance is in focus, and it results in shorter seek time under CDAF. PDAF further reduces the required mechanical focus seek range. Sensor size has absolutely nothing to do with perceived focusing speed ...


On the face of it, this does sound very much like a problem with your camera - you've tested it with two lenses so it's (almost certainly) not the lens, and you've shown it's intermittent by unmounting and mounting the lens. Given that, my recommendations would be: If you've got any friends / co-workers / acquaintances with SLRs, ask them to have a quick ...


No; just changing metering mode will not affect focus on any camera that I'm aware of. If the metering resulted in different aperture or shutter speed, those might have an effect, but everything came out the same regardless of mode, right? (You don't mention shutter speed; I assume that none of them have a significant difference there.) Therefore, as ...

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