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When they say the AF system does well in the dark, that doesn't mean when it's pitch black. All AF systems have lower limits, and on your D810 that value is -2 EV at ISO 100. Even if you're focusing manually, the same parts of the AF system get used to detect whether or not you're focused. You have a few choices, most of which involve more light: Focus ...


If I recall correctly, the auto/manual switch doesn't lock anything. Rather, in auto mode, it just allows your camera body to override the human operating the focus ring. That fact both the switch and the ring are seized implies the lens needs servicing.


I keep a mini maglite in my photography bag. Any torch should do unless the room is very big. Shine the torch on the subject while you're focusing. Once focus is set, switch the lens to manual focus should override its requirement to obtain focus before taking the picture, and as long as you don't change the focal length, or turn the focus ring, or the ...


If you were getting enough light for your exposure, but weren't able to focus, then try manually focusing - usually there is a switch on the lens that will let you do this. On manual focus, your camera will take the picture right when you shoot. Actually, you said you were using flash - so you want to find a AF-S or AF-Assist mode on your flash - this ...


The ISO enhances the light sensitivity in each pixel sensor - that is, each pixel registers a higher amount of radiance than it normally would. Hence, it's an inherently digital procedure. Auto-focusing, on the other hand, has existed since film cameras. There are many auto-focusing systems, but two are most common today: contrast detection, and phase ...

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