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Focus will obviously change if you rotate the focus ring. There is no exception to that. Now, some lenses allow manual focus override even in Auto-mode, in Nikon world these are indicated with A-M (Auto with Manual override) on the lens. If your lens mechanics do not support this, you are working against the focus motor when you change focus manually in AF ...


It's not so much sensitivity as coverage. The AF Assist beam is not particularly wide (even when your fingers and the lens itself aren't in the way), and on the D80 there are a lot of lenses (anything wider than about 30mm) that will put the not-centre AF points outside of the beam's coverage area. (Of course, if you're using a large-enough lens, the AF ...


To add TFuto's answer, it also depends on whether the camera/lens uses a digital focus ring, which isn't directly connected to the lens/motor. In that case the ring won't move during AF and you can't hurt anything by rotating it.


Full frame and APS-H cameras For general information and APS-C cameras, see the answer above. Canon EOS 6D All points function to f/5.6. The center point is cross-type, and all other points are single-line. The center point is high-precision cross-type with f/2.8 or faster lenses (but is not dual cross-type as it does not have diagonal-line sensors). ...

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