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This photo is severely back focused. Areas about 15-20 feet behind the main subjects are in focus. Some things to keep in mind: When using wider apertures, especially combined with larger sensors, Depth of Field becomes shallower. So any focusing errors are more apparent. This is especially a problem in low light when most camera's auto focusing systems ...


Some camera review sites will test "shutter lag" and shot-to-shot times, and those specs may be helpful in measuring what you're concerned with. However, assuming that newer technology will speed shutter lag is not necessarily a good assumption to make. There are quite a few different factors at work that can delay the time from shot-to-shot and some of ...


Since autofocus quality and speed are very important selling points, the algorithms are almost certainly proprietary (though they may be based on well-known ones) and kept secret by the camera makers.


The picture was taken in low light conditions and then the following issues will start to conspire against the sharpness of the picture: The autofocus is not very accurate in low light conditions The small 18mm focal length instead of, say, 50 mm also makes the autofocus less reliable The exposure time of 1/60s seconds is not fast enough to prevent ...

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