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You linked to that other question, stating that AF systems do not work as one thinks. Oddly, you come to the conclusion that you should buy another camera. Let me quote from the accepted answer: The Canon 7D is not unique in the way multiple focus points share parts of the same lines on an AF array. Most of the pro grade bodies and many of the pro-sumer ...


Okay, so, the fundamental problem, as discussed in the other question you've linked, is that focus "points" actually have to be areas, not literally points, and the camera can't know what you're actually interested in with that point. However, if you're particularly interested in in-focus faces, there is a solution. That is: use a camera with ...


To quote from the 572D manual: Automatic Focusing (for Nikon/Minolta/Pentax AF SLR) When the camera is on the autofocus mode, the lens focuses automatically. Digging a little further, this thread confirms my suspicion that the Tamron lens doesn't have a built in focusing motor, but instead uses the screw drive motor which exists on higher-end ...

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