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Actually, it's kind of the opposite. You need a lens with autofocusing capabilities--you just don't need one with a focus motor. That is, you'd still need AF lenses, they just don't have to be AF-S or AF-I lenses. AI lenses, for example, were designed before Nikon added autofocus to its cameras and lenses, and can only be manually focused, regardless of ...


No — an autofocus motor in the body will not make older, manual focus lenses into autofocus lenses. Any autofocus lens needs a motor — it's what does the "auto", after all. (Just like an automobile would be just a ... moble without one.) There are two primary places where this motor can be placed — either in the lens itself, or in the camera body. Each of ...


First off, select an AF mode other than Zone AF. In my experience, as well as that of many others', it just doesn't work well when shooting action with the 7D. The camera will likely focus on something, but it probably won't be what you wanted to be in focus. Try either Single-point AF or AF point expansion. Set up your camera so that nudging the little ...


There are two ways I see to describe what you are asking for. One would be to simply turn on all focus points in the AF Menu, manually focus, then press on half-way on the shutter release and any points that overlap the focus points and are in focus will light up. This is the same as the 7D. What I think you are ultimately looking for is commonly referred ...


It sounds like you have AI Servo selected for the AF mode. The behavior you describe is normal if that is the case. To do what you want, you need to select One Shot as the AF Mode. Please note that when shooting in one of the continuous drive (burst) modes, the camera will not refocus between each shot that is taken while you continue to hold the shutter ...


The hack itself will always work, but the reliability of the autofocus suffers. The lens you're asking about is a f/6,3 in the long end and with a 2x teleconverter the autofocus will probably be painfully bad if working at all. I've used the sigma 1.4x teleconverter (connectors masked) on the same lens and even that struggles autofocusing on bodies that are ...


If you think the motor is only working in one direction, you might try to test the theory by focusing in live mode. If it's like mine, it will usually go back and forth to home in on the sharpest focus (using contrast rather than phase detection), so if the motor is only working in one direction it will probably not be able to focus in live mode. Of ...


Are you sure you set focus back to auto on both the body and the lens? I've made this exact mistake and thought I broke something and it was just me forgetting to turn auto back on. Good luck.


There are many settings on the Canon 5D mark III that affect what you see and when you see it in the viewfinder. The camera does have the ability to indicate when focus is achieved over a certain point during manual focus, but only if all of the correct settings that affect the display are selected. Start in the menu with AF tab 3 USM lens electronic MF ...


Try giving the focus ring a little nudge when the autofocus gets stuck. I have a Tamron 18-270 which has the same issue when zoomed at 150mm or more. It seems that due to the small change in focus required, the camera does not power the motor enough to get it moving, resulting in the noises. I don't know if you have this exact issue, it could be that the ...

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