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1) The faster aperture the better. You probably want 1.4 if possible, especially on a crop camera. However, the widest 1.4 I know of is a 24, which isn't all that wide on a crop. 2.8 can work, but not as well. 2) It should have low coma. Distant bright spots should remain that - spots. Most lenses add a bit of a "tail" to them. 3) Ideally it should have a ...


Light pollution is the biggest challenge when it comes to Astrophotography, optimum exposure and retaining as much detail and information possible. Therefore, my first advise, that is only if you are not already doing this, is to seek out a dark sky. There are apps and websites that will help you locate areas closest to you. This alone will help increase ...


The first and most important thing is to shoot in RAW. Next, you need to make sure that you are not losing anything in the RAW conversion process. This could happen in two ways. First, low values could be clipped at 0 by a "black level" setting. The second and much more subtle is that faint detail could be lost to noise reduction. I'm not talking about the ...

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