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For the most part, no. "Lunar twilight" basically starts when the moon is just under the horizon / ends right after the moon sets. See the question "Lunar twilight and sixth magnitude stars" on Physics.SE: However, even when below the horizon, the Moon shines brightly enough to interfere with stargazing. What are the equivalent twilight angles for ...


I agree with Randy's response but believe I have a better solution for case a. If noise reduction of the sky background is your intent, you can take a few short exposures and stack them in DSS with alignment on to increase the overall S/N, without the foreground motion becoming excessive and blurring into the area where your composited foreground long ...


I've been working with the Hero 4 silver night lapse. I had to back down the shutter speed to 20 seconds and the ISO down to 400 due to getting too many hot pixels. I have seen some videos online that also suffer from hot pixels and did not fix them in post. ISO 400 seems plenty on a bright night and the footage is cleaner. I also made a track matte in post ...

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