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If you are limited in how long you can expose for, then I recommend using a higher ISO, such as ISO 1600 maybe even 3200, use short exposures of around 30 seconds, and get many of them. I would say get at least 16x, however 25x or 36x would be better. The reason you want to use a high ISO is the higher the ISO, the lower the read noise in most cases. The ...


there are rigid limitations to the P900 and long exposures - its virtually impossible to do a long shutter release, particularly for starlight.


Focal reducers (decreasing focal length) are not Barlow lenses (increasing focal length) By inserting a focal reducer the focal point is moved inward the tube, chances are you will not be able to mount your camera in the correct position without modifying the telescope when the focal point is moved even further. The telescope has its maximum usable field of ...


You can use the camera for high resolution astrophotography of the planets for example, if you also have a telescope and you're willing to take the camera apart. Some (paid) tutorials can be found here, but you can easily find more info online about the topic. The learning curve is very steep and I'd recommend that you use ...

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