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You can't reduce a 4x6" image to 3.5x5.5" and keep the same aspect ratio without cropping. You'll need to either crop the image, compress the image in one direction, skip the borders entirely, or live with uneven borders. For example, you could reduce to 3.5x5.25", giving you 1/4" borders along the long sides and 3/8" borders on the short sides. Or, you ...


Right, math says that that's not possible, because 6 ÷ 4 is 1.5, while 5.5 ÷ 3.5 is ~1.5714 — that is, they have a different aspect ratio. (That's the proportion between an images' height and width.) You are going to have to crop, stretch (probably not a reasonable possibility without looking funny), or accept a non-symmetrical border. This isn't the ...


The issue you are encountering is that the aspect ratio of the original image is different to the aspect ratio of your target image dimensions. Source image 5184x3456 pixels Aspect Ratio: 1.5 (5184/3456) Target size 620x378 pixels Aspect Ratio: 1.64 (620/378) This means that to make the source image fit the target size you'll have to reduce the ...


The problem you're having is that the images you've been supplied have an aspect ratio of 1.5:1 (5184/3456 = 1.5), but you're trying to resize them to an aspect ratio of 1.64:1 (620/378 ~ 1.64). Hence you're going to have to chop some pixels off the top and/or bottom of the images you've been supplied to get to make them to the wider aspect ratio you need. ...

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