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Napioa - Wind Origins
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This has been a known problem in Lightroom for over 2 years, with no response from Adobe. I'm not sure what the precision is, but if you're too close to a standard aspect ratio it just uses the standard ratio. I needed to do a 13x10 crop and LR refused to store it as a custom ratio, always choosing 8½x11 instead. Curiously, 8½x11 is ...


Avoiding calculations can be done with image editing software. If you take software such as Photoshop Elements and select the cropping tool, you will see some number entry boxes along the menu bar at the top of the image frame. Enter the dimensions you want in the width and height boxes and 300 in the pixels per inch box. Crop the image using the crop tool, ...


There are three basic principles here: You want at least 200 pixels per inch in your print. For most subjects, most people will start to see pixelated blockiness if you have less than that. 300 pixels per inch would be better, and that's especially true for a small print like this, because people are more likely to examine it very closely. For large prints ...


It's easy: you take the desired DPI (dots per inch) and multiply it with the frame size. Say, your photolab (or printer) prints with 300 dpi. Then your picture must be at least 2.5*300 x 3.5*300 = 750x1050 pixels. However I doubt that you have such a low resolution in your Nikon :) I recommend to take photos with maximal available resolution. So you will ...

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