Orquid "Phoenix"

Orquid "Phoenix"

by ceinmart

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The lack of uniformity in the image makes me think it is due to a bug in the pre-processing by the camera. You are amplifying the signal a lot at that high ISO, so the camera is probably doing a lot of work to try to get anything else than noise -and failing.


I think "several fluorescent fixtures that I use to light my studio" is the key here. I'm guessing that the very high ISOs are accompanied by very short shutter speeds. Fluorescent lights cycle, and there are color variations within the cycle. Repeat your test with incandescent light or sunlight (or a strobe with high-speed sync). See Do fluorescent ...


Does this camera happen to be the Nikon D800? It's not quite consistent with the common 'oil/dust spots' as can be seen here, yours are more squiggly. But these have (as to my knowledge is Australia) have a warranty fix for it. The repair centre may be right, however it's important when they told you. If it was: When you gave it to them and gave them ...


It is a type of lens flare known as ghosting that is caused by reflections from inside the lens or possibly the front of the sensor bouncing off the back of an optical element further forward. The color difference is two-fold: the influence of the anti-reflective coatings on most lens elements and the difference in brightness between the primary source of ...


I agree with what Hermann said, but have a different answer as to how to avoid this. Expose properly. Notice that the blue smudge is much dimmer than the moon, which is so bright that it is totally blown out and even has a quite visible halo around it. Some of that may be caused by atmospheric effects, but I also suspect blooming due to extreme over ...


This is lens flare in the best case and a mirrored ghost image caused by the UV filter in the worst case. Or the other way around because you could fix the one of them by removing the filter. But obtaining a better lens is more expensive. :-) Ghosts caused by filters are typically exactly opposed of the light source that is mirrored. In the event that ...

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