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You have a light smudge or a very minor abrasion on the surface of your lens, running at 90 degrees to the direction of the highlight smearing you are seeing. It probably won't be visible on the lens unless you get the angle of the light just right. If it's a smudge, a good cleaning (with a good cleaner - use tissues or fabric designed for the purpose and a ...


These lines are very likely there because of the frequency at which your light flickers. This is most notably the case with fluorescent lighting or led lighting, especially when you dim the light. Led are dimmed by switching them on/off rapidly. The dimmer the light the longer the off periods which our cameras capture easily (and not only the X-T1) Another ...


By far the easiest answer is to use photo editing SW. I used Adobe photoshop. "Filter" --> "Noise" --> "Dust & Scratches...". Took it right out.


It is a type of flare known as ghosting. The two brightest lights in the lower left quadrant are causing reflections inside your camera/lens and showing up as flipped/reversed in the upper right quadrant. See also: this answer to is it normal to get significant lens flare with a 50mm f/1.8 Canon prime lens? Are these ghost light spots and vertical grain ...

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