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The problems you're seeing in the first is absolutely a limitation of the Laser printing process and are to be expected. In Laser printing 'toner' (a powder) is applied to the paper using static electricity then heated to fuse that toner to the top of the paper. It is essentially stuck on top and not absorbed into the paper / coating as happens in an ink ...


From my experience multi-coatings on lenses, when the IR filter over the sensor is removed, reflects the aperture in the form of white spot(s). On some lenses (Nikkor 35/2.0 which have very pale coatings) I don't have the white spots, and the picture is generally much sharper. On macro and lenses with intensive multi-coatings, I notice that the effect is ...


Try to take a picture with the same conditions in a complete dark room. The only reason for a non-uniform shot should be the sensor-sensitivity. If you get a noisy image try reducing the ISO, the lower the ISO the less noise you should get in an image. In addition try, cleaning the lens itself. Some dust on the lens could cause additional noise..


It does appear to be something wrong with the sensor, but I think it's not worth it to have it fixed (or even checked out), since it would be cheaper to buy a new one for less than it would cost to fix it.

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