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Dave Nelson's comment seems to be right: The image is overly sharpened, creating a halo. You do not see it when zoomed out simply because it becomes too small; it is still there. Look at Dave Nelson's comment for a link to a detailed explanation on digital sharpening. Edit: Smartphones and even DSLRs typically add digital sharpening themselves. Maybe you ...


No; digital files can't work that way. If the card were corrupt, you might see images jumbled together, but it would look like this at best, not a smooth overlay. Additionally, the filenames aren't really "slots". They're just identifiers; if they are reused, the same value appears in the "index" in the filesystem, but the data could be anywhere. It's ...


No, this is not possible. A digital medium is not like a cassette tape. If you have a double exposure, there must be some other explanation. Maybe your camera has this function which you activated inadvertently.

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