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If it helps, I've been struggling with a similar (although not as pronounced) issue with a Nikon 400mm f2.8 lens. You can see a selection of photos showing this same issue here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/simonawest/albums/72157660943127566 Look at the points where an in-focus white shirt is on an out of focus dark background. I started (as suggested ...


Your photo appears to have been taken from a car park. Most car parks have light poles evenly distributed throughout the entire lot, so there is the assumption that there are plenty of security lights to the sides and back of the camera. It also appears, from the star shaped light rays, to have been taken with a fairly narrow aperture. This seems to be one ...


These spots are a type of lens flare called “ghosting”. Light from the subject is supposed to transverse the lens and image on the surface of the image sensor. However, each lens has two polished surfaces that act to reflect away a small percentage of the imaging forming light. This happens many times as the camera’s optical system has many such polished ...


They look like smudges but far from the sensor. Check the back and front of the lens, plus BOTH sides of any filters you were using. There are not sensor dust since they are two wide and blurry, plus sensor dust does not make anything brighter, they are usually dark spots on a bright background, not vice-versa as in your example. If they were some smudges ...

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