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Extended FAT is now one of the most adopted format for external disks that have to deal with different operating systems as Mac and Linux


Use NTFS unless you plan on connecting this drive to a system which only supports FAT. Also, set the Allocation Unit Size as high as possible per http://www.howtogeek.com/136078/what-should-i-set-the-allocation-unit-size-to-when-formatting/ For a media disk where you photos, music and videos are stored, every file is at least 1MB I use the biggest AUS. ...


'Photography files' are no different to any other kind of file. Use NTFS (because it allows for larger files and is generally the newer, better system) and the default allocation unit size - a larger size will make virtually no noticeable performance difference in a modern hard drive.


I have slides and negatives in trays and sleeves 50 + years old..still fine.Room temps and in the dark.

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