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I personally do not have much experience photographing architecture but perhaps if you tired shooting the tall buildings with a tilt-shift lens could possibly eliminate more of the sky plus make your buildings have a better look to them. I am not sure on this, just throwing out a suggestion for you to attempt. Someone correct me that has used a tilt-shift if ...


The first thing you need to do is decide what your objective is. The next is to be clear about your viewers - who are they, what will they expect, what will shock or disappoint them? Once these are clear, then you can start choosing technical 'answers'.


Very good question. I'm not sure this is a question or just some thoughts on the subject. If you have a boring sky... you have a boring sky. That is what photography is, what is in front of your camera that is what it capture. A boring sky could be (in my opinion) boring by 3 factors (the lack of). Color, clouds, light (with variations and combinations). ...


Another option might be replacing the original sky in a photo editor. You can create your own collection of interesting skies without other objects (just 100% sky). After you take a picture of a building with boring sky, you can cut it out and replace it with a sky from your collection. This can very be easily done with simple blocky buildings but may take ...


Depending on the angle of the building, you can shoot a great sunset/sunrise against it. Here is an example captured using a mobile phone. My aim is to use a DSLR to shoot this scene with light-trail.

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