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Googling "Mac geotag software" finds a number of options, such as GeoTag and Geotagger. Searching for "geotag" in the Mac app store also finds about a dozen options. At least some of those, like Geotag Photos Pro, support RAW format.


Does Apple support DNG's? My understanding of DNG's is that they can contain the adjustments as well as the original raw data (mostly) translated to DNG. For example, if you export a photo to DNG in lightroom it will contain the adjustment data.


I recall reading this a while back. Worked for me...


To everyone who answered this question, thank you VERY MUCH. Actually, the problem lied in my monitor calibration (manual calibration - advanced settings). My husband opened the images on his laptop, and it was a perfect match (in quality) with the image which appeared on my LCD camera screen. I am so relieved, because the posterization I was seeing was ...

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